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What Is A 504?

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It is basically a plan for a student who has any kind of illness or severe allergy that requires special attention. I have one (I am in my Junior Year of HS) and it basically says that if I am absent and miss a test, teachers must let me make the test up without any penalty.

It would be very different for a young kid though. You use it to get the accommodations that are needed for a stdent to be safe and healthy at school. I have seen some for Celiac kids that say they must have access to the microwave for heating up their food. Also, if there is a field trip and kids aren't allowed to bring food, a Celiac would be able to.

Hope this helps!


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You don't sound ignorant, don't worry!

A "504" is a document that enforces section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The law says that people with disabilities have to have equal access.

Most of the time, when someone has a "504" it's a document at a school that states what accommodations must be made for the student for the student to have equal access to education.

For a celiac, a 504 document might state that the student is entitled to gluten-free meals in the cafeteria, or it might state that the student has access to a fridge and microwave for bringing meals from home.

Some people think that having a 504 document is necessary. I'm a high school teacher and I know my daughter's elementary school principal and nurse really well, and I think she's safe without a 504. But if I didn't know the people in charge of her building, I might think twice about not having one.

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Dx'ed gluten/casein intolerant by Enterolab. Family doc dx'ed "gluten sensitive" after dietary response. DQ 6 & DQ 7

8 year old daughter dx'ed gluten/casein intolerant & malabsorption by Enterolab and has been GFCL since June 12, 2007. Excellent response to diet, including growth! Tummyaches & irritability are gone! DQ 5 & DQ 6

Husband has DQ 5 (elementary, my dear Watson!). Self-diagnosed gluten-intolerant by diet response and challenge.

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For a celiac person a 504 is classified as other health imparied. You will need to get a Dr. letter stating that the student has celiac. After that you will need to request a 504 meeting. You need to do this in writing as the school has 30 days to schedule one and only have to do it if it is in writing. 504 will also cover absences that are related to the desiese but only if you send a note each time stating that the student was out due to (example: diareah caused by getting glutened). You will not have to go to the Dr. each time to get an excused absence as long as you state in the note that it is related to celiac. Keep copies of all notes as they tend to get lost and you are asked to supply them again when the semester or 6 weeks is up. 504 can also help get therapy, wheelchairs, assistants, and other things that are necessary for your student to function in school as well as the other food accomodations mentioned in the other replys. You will need to state the accomodations needed and what kind of symptoms your student gets during the meeting so that it can be documented. That way they can go back and look at the records when checking your notes to make sure the absences and accomodations are within the guidelines that you set up.

My daughter had JRA from the middle of first grade until 8th grade and 504 was invaluble to us.

Yellow Rose

27 years of misdiognoses

seziures summer of 1979 lasted 10 years had maybe a dozen in that time Dr.s never could find what was causing them blamed it on lack of sleep and maybe nutrasweet

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fibromyalgia May 1980

insomnia since the 80's

diarrhea 1995-2000 blamed on arthritis meds

Crohn's 1998 after two operations to fix fissures caused by the diarrhea

Other symptons over the last 27 years that have been treated for symptoms not causes:

depression, anemia, constipation, tooth discoloration, tremors in hands, tingling and numbness in feet and hands, fatigue, high blood pressure due to arthritus meds, flushing in face, severe muscle pain and thinking I was going crazy thanks to Dr.'s attitudes.

After diognoses my mother tells me I have an aunt and a cousin with Celiac. Mother tested negative but thinks she is intolerant to wheat and is changing her diet.

Suspect all three of my children have it as well but still trying to convince them to go get tested.

In answer to my prayer, "Lord Please Heal My Broken Body". May 2007 Celiac antibody test positive

Matthew 7: 8 Ask and ye shall receive, Seek and ye shall find, Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

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I know someone on here who is in college also has one so the college meal plan must accommodate her diet. It sounds like a 504 is a great idea if you need any accommodations that aren't typically provided to students.

Gluten-Free since September 15, 2005.

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