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  1. I came across these Perdue chicken burgers in the supermarket. There are no gluten ingredients listed but it isn't marked gluten free. I am going to call Perdue tomorrow but I was wondering if anyone knew if they are gluten free. Thanks!
  2. The Excellence Riviera Cancun in Mexico. It's near Cancun. We just got from 8 days there and my husband didn't get glutened once. The staff was sooooooo accommodating and went out of there way to help us. The chefs came out to talk to us. They made sure what he had was safe and prepared things special for him. We emailed the concierge daily to let her know where we would be eating and the restaurants were prepared for us. They even had gluten free bread at the buffet. We were also able to get room service. We will definitely be back. Incredible! Message me if you have any questions.
  3. I was very excited to see that at six flags great adventure they have gluten free pizza, brownies and blueberry muffins at the main street pub. We haven't tried it but it was so nice to see it!
  4. Hi! We are going to the excellence riviera cancun in November. This is the first trip that my husband will be gluten free. I have contacted the hotel and the concierge told me they would note the need for gluten free food in the reservation. She forwarded the email to the head chef and she told me all the restaurants could accommodate us. My question is, does anyone have any experience at this resort? Thanks!
  5. Going to Warwick, RI this weekend with my gluten free 6 year old. Looking for good places to go to eat that will have gluten free pizza or pasta. She doesn't eat meat. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi! We are going to Disney World in June. I know they are great with gluten free but I would like to have some things in our hotel room as well. Does anyone know a delivery service that delivers gluten free item, like bagels & bread, as well? Thanks!
  7. Hi! We are going to Disney World in June. My 4 year old daughter with not only has Celiac but is extremely picky. I looked at the older posts about Disney restaurants but I am wondering if anyone has recent experiences they want to share. I want to make this an amazing vacation for all of my kids and getting her great food would really help. Thanks in advance.
  8. My daughter has been gluten free for 2 years. We had her blood tests repeated and out of 4 tests, 3 were all normal but the EMA IgA was still positive. I don't see the doctor for another month but is this normal? The anti-gliadin test were fine & the TTG was fine.
  9. I am a pharmacist and I can tell you that the trays are not washed in between. I would ask the pharmacist to do this for you if your sensitivity is so severe. Most pills don't leave a residue because of their coating but many do. I'm sure if you talked to them and explained the situation, they would help you. If not, I think you need a new pharmacy!
  10. My daughter needs to take iron because she barely gets any in her diet. I am having trouble finding one that is gluten free & with iron. Any suggestions? The only on e I can find with iron is Flintstones and I know they can't guarantee gluten-free status. Thanks!
  11. I want to make dinner rolls from my Pamela's mix. Does anyone know how many it makes? I only have a 12-muffin tin si I plan to use those foil cups that you can bake it. I just want to know how many I will get.
  12. I need a great recipe for stuffing and one for macaroni & cheese. I normally just melt velveeta but I want to make it a little special for Thanksgiving. My 3 year old won't eat turkey so I am trying to make as many sides as she can/will eat. My neice has celiac as well and they are both picky. Thanks!!
  13. I remembered.....it is the Greehouse Cafe. I haven't eaten there since my daughter has been diagnosed because it was after the last time we were there. I don't know how extensive the menu is but the takeout menu says they have gluten free. Hope this helps!
  14. Fibure Sure is gluten free & is similiar to Benefiber. You mix it & drink & can also put it in foods.
  15. There is one cafe at the beginning of LBI with some gluten free. The name escapes me but I will post it when I remember it. Also, there IS a Burger King on route 72E in Manhawkin that is only about 15 minutes away. Worth the drive. Also, Rita's ice cream is there & most of there stuff is gluten free. Just check their website for specifics. I'm going next week & can't wait!
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