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Strange Allergist Doc Visit

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I went to see the allergist doctor today to hopefully help find out why after going gluten-free I am still experiencing regular symptoms (constipation, D, and constant gas!). My scratch test came back completely clear so he explained to me that I am getting sick due to intolerences....then he proceeded to tell me there is no "test" for intolerences and suggested I see a nutritionist. I explained to him that places such as "enterolab" take samples to test for intolerences but he said its a total waste of money and there is no way to test for them other than maybe journaling food intake on an elimination diet. I REALLY dont have the money to spend on both a nutritionist and getting the lab tests done so I have to choose and was hoping anyone could shed some light with their experiences.

Also after leaving the tests I have had a terrible cough and my chest feels like its closing a little...could be just a coinsident but could this also be a reaction to something I was scratched with?

Please let me know if you can help.


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Do keep a watch on yourself. there are delayed ige allergies (skin scratch test for those) and not all drs believe in those. I have made a few believers out of drs when my skin tests went hyper 12 hrs after the test and I had to be hauled back in for violent reactions to mushrooms, dust,mold, and pollen. I also have a delayed onset of insect stings and will have an ige response nearly 12 hours after the insect sting.

Now the kids allergist also believes in IGG allergies which cause delayed stomach/intestional issues and his thinking seems to be rather new as well. But as far as I know, there is no realiable test for that and he has always reccomended the elimination diet to see what triggers those.

If you are 100% gluten-free and have checked all the weird hiding places, have you taken out diary? We are discovering that causes similiar signs to gluten. We all had a nice bag of peanut mms yesterday and I have many of the same symptoms as I do with gluten. The kids are having issues with all direct diary as well.

If you keep a food dairy for awhile, the nutrionist will be helpful in finding things in your diet that you may not realize on your own.

I have no experience with Entrolab so can't comment about them.


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I don't understand why your Dr. said there is no test for intolerance. Of course there is. In 1979 when I developed gas,constipation,severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, I was tested for lactose intolerance. It involved drinking lactose, then monitoring my blood and urine for about 6 hours. It was positive. Now, the test is simplified by simply drinking lactose and blowing into an instrument that "reads" your breath and will tell if you are lactose intolerant.

This past year I developed other severe health problems, and blood tests for celiac were negative. I then had Enterolab tests done, and I have both celiac and gluten genes, ( a double whammy), also casein sensitivity (another double whammy with the lactose intolerance) and a soy sensitivity.The egg test was negative.

I was stunned, never in a million years would I have suspected. When I start to have symptoms again, it takes some detective work to find the offending food. After being sick for 6 weeks recently, I found out that the product Rice Dream has barley in it. The barley was never listed before, apparently it is now being included in the labeling.

I've had no medical insurance, and had to do so much detective work. I'd strongly recommend Enterolab as a starting point for your symptoms.

I think the previous poster, worried to death, has the words diary and dairy mixed up. I think she is recommending removing all dairy products from your diet.

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I actually think your allergist gave you good advice. Food diaries and elimination diets can actually be more useful and more accurate than "intolerance" testing. (They are less expensive too :) )

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He actually said the words..."thats all BS" in regards to the stool tests done by enterolab. He is an older man so maybe things have progressed since his days in med school....well Thanks for the advice. I also wanted to know what test did u check off to have the intolerences tested...I have already been diagnosed celiac diseasse and have been on a gluten-free diet for almost 3 years. Ok, thanks!

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Yep--I agree that your allergist gave you great advice. It was exactly the same thing my allergist told me.

I did an elimination diet (it took a while) and when I finally was able to cut out the foods that caused my symptoms, I began to heal.

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im willing to do the diet but... what elimination diet did u follow?? they all seem to be different to me...

Did your allergist offer to help you formulate one? That would be the easiest way to go. Mine started mine the day I had the skin tests done. You could also simply eliminate gluten and dairy and eat a whole foods for sure gluten free diet for a while and then, if you need to, do a short gluten challenge to see if you react.

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What are your iron results?  Was ferritin (iron stores) taken?  Are you actually anemic (low hemoglobin)?  The results you posted are your Immunoglobulins.  Looks like your IgE is high, but then it is Spring and allergy season is supposed to be pretty bad this year (at least in the US).  What riggers your allergies (e.g. cats, horses, mold, etc.)? Have other autoimmune issues been ruled out that could cause tendinitis or vertigo?    
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