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Nail Polish Remover

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I have used 2 different types of main stream nail polish removers and I am not sure, but the label looked like it had gluten...and another had soy. I feel my feet stink from the remover even if I scrub them hard after use, so I am being paranoid and want to find something safe. Does anyone know of a safe nail polish remover without soy and gluten?

I miss my nail polish..


One Celiac gene and one gluten intolerance gene (HLA-DQ 2,1).

Grain free, casein free, soy/legume free + a bunch of allergies I have had since I was a child (stone fruits, nuts..carrots)

Following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, but no nuts, legumes or casein.

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I thought nail polish remover was straight acetone? But I haven't used nail polish since 1972 so they could've changed that..... :( What are they doing with it now, adding oils to make it look "healthy"? You should still be able to get plain acetone, unless its something someone could make a bomb with....

I don't eat gluten and neither do my cats

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