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  1. My husband fried some fish yesterday for me in A LOT of Canola Oil. I am not doing well on a lot of oil in general, but MAN did I get sick today. I ate the fish last night (fresh halibut) and I felt right away that it wasn't to my stomach's liking. My stomach ached during the evening and I have been very close to vomitting today several times. My stomach hurts too. I don't think I got glutened by accident, but who knows.. He put Bob's Red Mill potato flour and sourghum on the fish. I had some Raspberries in the evening and probably too many. They can be a bit too sour for my stomach. Maybe it was a mix of everything... I am very misserable today. I have been doing so well lately in general. Feel I have my energy back, feel a little like my old self. I have figured out I am very sensitive and don't do very well on any grains. Can have a tad of boiled egg sometimes and a tad of popcorn, but my stomach never seem really happy on much but veggies, fruits, pork, chicken and fish...So I am mostly eating that, which is okay. So was I just dreaming when I thought I read on here that some Celaics have a problem with Canola oil?? Or maybe it was just the large amount that messed me up so bad.
  2. I did a search here and a google one but couldn't find an Alcohol free gluten free brand. Does anyone know of one? My husband wants to find one.
  3. I am so depressed. I feel I have struggled with disease for so long, along with a bad childhood. I am going to a counselor and it is great, but now we have money issues so I have to wait a while. I have moved across the world to live in my husbands country. We live with his family because of financial difficulties, a lot of bad luck and me being sick. We have lived with them for three years now. I hate it. He doesn't like it much either. His family has like no understanding at all of this Celiac thing. They think I should just pull myself together. I don
  4. I am looking for info on how to do the SCD diet when one can't eat dairy or nuts. Looking for alternatives, books, just some general guidance I guess. I have been trying to look at different SCD pages but can't really find much... Would be great to talk to someone who is doing a "modified" SCD because of other food intolerances, like myself. (Also, is NuStevia OK with this diet?) (I joined the SCD official support group on yahoo. Maybe I can get some help there..)
  5. Thanks!! I might give one of them a try to get some inspiration later. As is now I use oil instead of butter in recipes and coconut flour instead of nut flours. Not always working out but sometimes it does. And I try make stuff from Elaine's book so far only. Do you all get your yogurt makes locally or online? I haven't been able to find one locally so far. I am going to try coconut milk yogurt..
  6. Anyone got any of the SCD cookbooks from Digestive Wellness? I am very tempted to get one but every gluten free cook book I have gotten so far has more recipes that I can't eat than ones that I can. I can't do casein, soy, any grains, stone fruits, apples, carrots or nuts. If anyone has any of these books it would be great to hear if they would be any good for me... maybe a lot to ask, but I thought I'd try asking anyways.
  7. Oh, thanks! I had no idea there was a specific place to get stuff following this diet. Great.
  8. Does Elaine mention what type of Vanilla Exctrac to use specifically? I can't seem to find anything about it. I want to make the toffe candy in her book..
  9. I made som coconut flour muffins yesterday. Not so pretty, but they tasted good. Not sure why the image doesn't show up..
  10. I gained when I was sick eating gluten and lost when I stopped and got better.
  11. Coconut yogurt sounds good. Is the recipe in Elaine's book? I have read the text part in it (and I am very excited) but haven't looked through the whole gourmet section yet. Any recommendations on brands to use for Tomato Juice and coconut flour?
  12. Yenni

    Dentist Office

    Good to know. I am going to the dentist on Monday and I am nervous about it... I am going to make them check the polish.
  13. Good ideas. I'll look into it. Thanks! Coconut flour...I see possibilities in the horizon.. Mmm.. Deserts..
  14. I got my book yesterday (written by Elaine) and looking through it, well it looks very promising. I am allergic to nuts though and intolerant to casein, but it still had a bunch of new things to try. I have pretty much been eating this way for the last year without knowing it, so I don't think it will be too hard to follow for me... The hard part is when I feel peckish and crave snacks like popcorn.. And then maybe finding substitutes for the dairy. I am not sure if coconut milk would work.. Excited to start reading it though. Just a quick question, and probably a stupid one, green tea doesn't count as a herb tea right?
  15. I have been eating their "normal" sausages for a while and love them. The label say they are both gluten and dairy free. This Beef Knockwurst only says gluten free on it and the label has "flavorings" on it. Too late to call their costumer service now and I am starving with like nothing to eat.. I am desperate and hoping for luck. Maybe someone is awake..
  16. I gained weight when I was the sickest and have lost like 15-20 LB's since I started to feel better. I am now at the weight I was when I was 19 (110 lb's). I think this is where my body wants to be (I am only 5'3"). I do eat better in general too. Much better I guess I should say. Not that I ever ate that bad, but still.
  17. That's is a good idea. I think I might try that.
  18. I am going to the dentist the first time after getting my diagnosis and I was told by the receptionist that I have nothing to worry about (her niece has Celiac disease so she knew what it was). I mentioned I have problems with other stuff than just gluten (and mentioned what) and she said they do not use any of it in the process. ...but then I am used to people no really knowing how this all works so I thought I'd ask if there is anything to watch out for? If anyone know about stuff that might make a Celiac sick while at the dentist? I am intolerant to Casein and Soy also. (In wasn't quite sure in which forum to post this, so feel free to move it to it's proper spot if this was wrong.) Yenni
  19. As far as I know you have to eat gluten to get a proper result. But I am not sure about the amounts that needs to be eaten for it.
  20. Yenni

    Family And Friends...

    Oh, that is horrible. I have had a hard time with my husbands family. We used to live with them, but have luckily bought our own little place and gotten out of there. I know it can hurt real bad with family like that. Sounds like they need to get educated about the situation. ShayFL's suggestion sounds like a good one.
  21. Unfortunately I have had the same problems. Either they are made on the same line as gluten or dairy or in the same facility. I haven't been able to find any safe ones yet.
  22. Thanks for the link. I'll take a look.
  23. Oh, I am so sorry. I had that when I was in my early 20's. It was absolutely dreadful. I remember being down for several weeks and every time I had to swallow I wanted to scream. I survived on Tylenol. I really hope you'll get to the point where it sorta turns around and gets better. Hugs to you!!