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Lavera Skin Products

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This brand Lavera, is a toxin free company. My Lyme dr suggested that I use their products. I emailed them about the gluten status, and all of their products are gluten free! (Not to mention, they emailed me back in literally 15 minutes!)

Thank you for contacting lavera skin care. All lavera products are safe for

people with celiac disease. I have attached ingredient lists for our top

selling products, please let me know if there are any other products that

are of interest to you.

Thank you again!

Karissa Clevenger

Education & Store Support

Lavera Skin Care North America


I am totally excited to use something that I know is gluten free, and that is toxin free! So many products are so toxic, it's crazy! Just thought I'd pass this info along to anyone who is interested! :)

Dairy/Casein Free- March 2007

Gluten Free- May 2007

Soy Free- August 2007

Sugar Free- January 2008

Starch Free- January 2008

Egg Free (again!)- February 2008

Sulfur Free- May 2008

Dx'd Lyme Disease and co-infections- December 2007

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Thank you for sharing that, i went and looked at the website and seen they have an sunless tanner, i have been looking for an gluten free one for an year, im so excited now. I have to look at other things when i feel better lol. Im sure i will order lots from them lol


gluten, casein and soy free

on low carb/low sugar diet

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I looked this up at Skin Deep and it fares pretty well, products ranging from low to moderate hazards.

The highest rankings are for the self tanner and liquid concealer (both got a 6, which is the high end of the moderate hazard), but everything else is a 1-3 (low hazard to the low end of moderate hazard)

I know what you mean it is so hard to find products that aren't toxic. I was using a skin care line I thought was ok and it ranks in the 5-7 range at Skin Deep so I am looking for something else.

I'm going to check out this line Kassandra, thanks for posting :)

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