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Starting Preschool

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I am looking for advice on how to handle gluten free at pre-school, although this probably applies to elementary school as well. I have started drafting a letter to list the food my daughter can't have and some typical snacks she can have. I just want to make sure the school doesn't mess up giving her snacks that aren't gluten-free. I plan on supplying her snacks, but this is a precaution. Any suggestions?

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It sounds like you are on the right track.

Tell the teacher that you can find replacements, but you need enough time to search out products. i.e. pretzel sticks, graham crackers, and such. Explain that some of these items have to be made from scratch at home.

Explain cross-contamination.

"When in doubt, go without!" Make it a mantra food your child's teachers. Explain your thoughts and feelings about how you deal with this. I didn't want it dwelled on. Just dealt with as a fact of my child's life.

Ask to see where her snacks will be stored, if that is OK. If your finances allow ask if you can supply safe snack storage plastic bin or small dorm room type refridgerater/ small freezer section. If they can keep a frozen "birthday" cupcake in.

Just some ideas.

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