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Help! Confused-could It Be Celiac?

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I have been trying for the past 18 months to figure out what has caused all of my gastrointestinal issues(diarrhea, stomach pain and gurlging, and bloating, not to mention others) as well as my joint pains and fatigue for the past 7 years. The testing I have done so far has shown vitamin b12 and d deficiencies, delayed small bowel transit time, esophagitis, gastritis, duodenintis, severe osteopenia in my spine(I just turned 40) and low stool pH. The blood tests and biopsies have been negative for celiac but the genetic testing came back positive for HLA-DQ2 and a subset of that gene. I have finally found a gastroenterologist(he's my 3rd) who has informed me that I need to have a 2nd upper endoscopy done by him so that he can see for himself what is going on. He also stated that I may be suffering from an early mild "under the radar" case of celiac. He stated that duodenitis to one doctor may very well be celiac to another and that my first gastroenterologist neglected to take biospies from the duodenal bulb where inflammation was noted. Has anyone out there been through circumstances like these? I am finally happy with the doctor I have now and would just like some input from other people who have gone through similar situations. Thank you for your time in reading this post.

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