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Bad Breath/gas As A Main Symptom?

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okay so i'm new to this gluten free, i think i'm on the right track here but i'm not sure.


i think i've always had bad breath but never known about it until a couple years back. it's not room filling, but if i talk to someone close they can smell it. it definitely gets worse when i eat wheat stuff (i get affected maybe 2-3days later, normal?) and i'm trying to debate if its gluten intolerance or candida

i have gas, some bloating, bad breath, maybe some fatigue?, and the bad breath has gotten me sort of low over a period of time. i'm also reallly really skinny and tall, people always used to comment that i could eat anything and not gain weight. i have some pnd once in a while, and pebble like stools (probably not good...)

i've been doing the gluten diet for about a week. i'm also cutting out dairy products, so here is what i'm eating. chicken breasts, veggies, fruits, brown rice bread from TJ, peanut butter, dried bananas, soy milk, gorilla munch, omelettes.

now these symptoms can either be candida or gluten intolerance. how long should i remain on gluten diet before switching over to candida (basically an all veggie/meat diet).

for blood testing, do most general doctors have the equipment or do i have to go to a specialist? i'm just a college student so yeah, i don't have $$.

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The breath issue for me was definitely gluten; it did go away completely on a gluten-free diet. But it did take a couple of months. At the time I thought it was due to a sinus problem, but no, thankfully it wasn't. Still have sinus issues but no bad breath.

Any GP can order a celiac blood test and it's not terribly expensive, but keep in mind, if the test is negative, your problems could still be gluten related. The blood test is accurate if there is 'total villous atrophy' but not as accurate if less than total. And you have to be eating gluten right up to the blood test, so don't go gluten-free yet. Gluten sensitivity can cause a lot of health problems such as autoimmune diseases, neurological problems and as you know, gas, bloating, etc. Hopefully someone else will jump in and answer your other questions.

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