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julie c

Should She Be Tested?

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Our 10 month old is always tired, quite pale (according to others... I can't say I notice it), and vomits randomly almost every day. SHe also has very fine hair (it seems to have stopped growing, actually -- but she has super long eyelashes). Her poop is fairly normal (solid, I mean), although sometimes it is sort of green. She cannot pull up to sit or crawl (although she really tries!), but is developmentally normal every other way. She is an excellent sleeper, and pretty placid... except when she is ready for a nap.

The doc is waiting for lab results re: anemia. We should know by the end of this week, I hope. Since she is on an iron-fortified formula, though, we don't know why she would be anemic.

Think I should suggest celiac to the doctor? Or is diarreha almost always present?

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I just got your email and haven't yet figured out how to reply back. But, I would think it wouldn't hurt to find out - my daughter was just diagnosed via blood tests. And, she had constipation issues, so diarrhea isn't always the case. My daughter is also an excellent sleeper, has really slow hair growth, and is delayed in gross motor as well as speech. She is also super laid back and easy going. After doing a gluten free diet for three weeks, she has gained a pound (after not gaining for about 5 months), has better coloring (she was really pale and had circles under her eyes), and her hair is starting to grow more. Plus, she seems feistier when she is awake.

Good luck! And, send me your email and I will email you back that way too.


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Interesting.... our little one has been stuck in the 19 pound area for a few months. We chalked it up to her bout with RSV which had her hospitalized for 4 days because of dehydration (she lost 2.2 pounds) ... now I'm wondering if there is more to it.

Our food journal is pointing to wheat; she vomits almost always after having anything with grains -- but not until the following day. It's also almost always after her morning bottle of formula. Is it normal to have such a delayed response?

Since I posted, she has learned to crawl... she learned remarkably fast. She also can pull to sit up and stand all of a sudden. We have not cut gluten out of her diet (for fear that it would wreck the blood test), but we have possibly cut down on it (for fear that she will throw up in public). How much do they need to be eating before the test, do you know? We still have a week to go...

Finally, my last question is about teeth... It seems she grew 7 teeth in 3 months and then stopped suddenly. We haven't seen a new tooth in 3 months. Her cheeks have been flaring up red the entire time, but there is no sign of anything new.

The only thing throwing me for a loop is the poop ... it's really very normal. Dark green, but normal consistency and regularity. No constipation, no diarreha, no gas. My parents said they thought it looked black the other day, but it was only just that once (and I wasn't there to do my usual inspection).

I'll be so much happier once we have a diagnosis... this is so stressful! On top of it all, I just started back to work this week. UGH!

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