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Supplement Amounts Needed

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thanks to all your advice, I now know to take Vit B12 and Magnesium to help with my tingling and numbness in my hands and with the fact that I'm struggling to sleep since being on a gluten free diet.

Just a question though. How much of the vitamins and minerals should I be taking?

I read a bunch of lables on the back of vitamin containers in our local pharmacy.

The average seems to be:

Vit B12 12.5mcg

Magnesium Oxide 83mg

Vit B6 12.5mcg

How much should I be getting in, that'll make a difference to the way I'm feeling? I do eat a healthy diet. My husband and I grow our own organic vegetables and are rather strict about eating lots of fresh salads, fish, veggies etc.

Thank you!

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Hi Brigit,

This is a difficult question to answer because everyone is different and since I do not know what your B-12 or magnesium levels are right now, it is tough to say HOW MUCH you should be taking.

What did your blood work indicate? Did your doctor tell you to take supplements?

I take B-12 sublingual 1000mcg. because my B-12 was tanked at one point.

B-complex 100 mg. (this is a higher dose, some do 50 mg) but I was sick and pretty stressed out for 3 years.

Magnesium Citrate 600 mg./calcium citrate 1000mg.

I take this because I have muscle/joint pain and sleep issues as well.

I also take D-3 because mine was quite low last year but supplementing has raised it to a good level.

Because I am 54 and post-menopausal, my requirements are different from a young gal like you. :) See what I mean?

(and The tiny doses you list from that particular vitamin formula won't do much if you have a real deficiency.)

Can you tell us what your levels are?.... and maybe someone can help who knows more than I do about supplementing.

You are wise to eat organic and lots of fresh veggies and fish! :>) Best wishes!

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I have been reading up on B12 as a test showed I was way below normal. First I tried to take sublingual doses (1000 mg) but did not tolerate them, then took a month of injections weekly (1000mg), then found pure B12 (1000 mg.) capsules online and used them. B12 needs to be balanced by taking B6 and Niacian. I'm using Betaine HCl to improve stomach acids necessary for adsorption of B12, eating chicken liver and more red meat than usual for the natural B12. Some people use DSMO to help the body adsorb the B12. The other day I read that the small tapeworms which many people carry in their small intestine hinder the ability to adsorb B12. These small parasites are usually asymptomatic but in some people they cause a B12 deficiency and anemia. If you see what looks like white rice in your BMs it's likely you've picked up these very common parasites.

I use Magnesiom oxide 300 mg capsules once a day.

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B12 testing is not particularly accurate...some analogs are picked up along with actual B12. All B12 taken orally/sublingually needs to be on an empty stomache for optimal absorbtion.

Take methylcobalamin when you can find it, it being the bio active form. Magnesium oxide should be avoided, poorly absorbed and major laxative effect in many. Magdelay/mag 64, would be a better product...good luck!

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:rolleyes: Thank you - I'll be visiting one of our bigger health shops soon, I've made my list as per all your replies and have no doubt that I'll find what I need.

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