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Debbie B in MD

Is It Only Gluten That Causes Damage?

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I realize that many of us are sensitive to other things in addition to gluten. For instance, nightshade veggies do not like me. With respect to celiac and intestine damage, is it only gluten that causes damamge and the others just make us feel awlful or does everyhting we react to cause more intestine damage? I am not looking for a loop-hole in eating, just hoping that by eliminating gluten we really are preventing future damage.

BTW, we find out today what my son's bloodwork has to say. Last week we received my daughter's. Sky high ttg and gliadin ab. I am the one with symptoms so I stopped gluten January 17th. I have never felt better. She hasn't had gluten since last Tuesday afternoon and has more energy already. No blood test for me, but daughter's confirms celiac for me.

Thanks for the help.

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Sorry, I missed the other similar post. I don't know how, I have read so many and gleaned much wisdom. Thanks.

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