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Help With Symptoms Please

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Hi guys,

im a 22 yr old female and have been suffering symptoms i think could be caused by celiac disease or gluten intolerance

I was tested a year ago and the results were negative but i feel lately that my stomach problems have been getting worse, i have never tried not eating gluten.

My symptoms:

when i was a baby i had really bad colic and would cry constantly

I had really bad eczema and would drink soy milk instead of dairy (i dont avoid dairy now), i have read dairy/lactose intolerance is common along with celiac disease

my eczema isnt as bad now but i now have eczema/dermatitis on my fingers which will come and go (it started on one finger and has now spread to 3 on that hand and now 2 on my other hand)

I find i will feel really full after eating a small meal but then within an hour or so will feel hungry again (i read that it can cause delayed gastric emptying making you feel full quicker)

I have headaches everyday, thought it was because i needed new glasses, which i did but it hasnt stopped the headaches

I am often tired, just cant be bothered to do anything and and times get quiet emotional and will cry for no reason (could just be a girl thing =)

I dont think my stomach ever feels normal, i always feel uncomfortable and gassy

I find i feel like i need to go to the toilet but the urge isnt there, or i just cant go, so constipated pretty much all the time, i try and take a fibre supplement but it doesnt help, I think i may also be suffering from very mild hemorrhoids probably due to constipation

just recently i have also been noticing a mucus when i go to the toilet

I will occasionally have diarrhea, which im sure is much more frequent than the average person

also in this specific area my gums will become inflamed every couple of weeks and bleed, but then it will just go away

what does everyone think?

should i go back to my dr

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Yes, go back to the doctor. What tests did you have before?

I dont really remember it was a year ago

I had experienced 3 bouts of vomiting overnight a month or so apart, i havnt experienced any vomiting or anything since

I also had an ultrasound which was clear as something to do with my liver was quite elevated (cant remember the name), it was something to do with inflamation in the body, never worked out what it was, it slowly went down so was attributed to a virus or infection.

I also find that i get a metallic taste in my mouth, it comes and goes, probably started around the time i was tested last year. anyone else get this?

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also i have spots or floaters as i call them in my vision constantly, but i only notice them sometimes, do others have these too?

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I asked my eye dr about the floaters as I get them from time to time. He told me that it was quite normal for a few floaters especially as we get older ( I am 60). You are maybe a little young so maybe check with your eye dr?

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