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Almost Certain I Have Celiac

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I am unable to get an actual diagnosis from a doctor because I do not have insurance and can't afford it. But from what I read there really isn't much a doctor can do anyway. I just thought I would list out my symptoms and get opinions on if it does in fact sound like celiac or if it could possibly be something else. Obviously I don't want to give up gluten for the rest of my life if I don't have to (I LOVE baked goods) so if it might not be then I want to know. Anywho, here goes.

I am 29 years old. For pretty much ever I have had random bowel issues including cramps and random episodes of diarrhea. About a year ago I developed a skin rash in my arm pits and groin area that was super itchy and red, it lasted over 6 months before finally disappearing. For several years before I would get a small area on my lower belly that was itchy and red and raised, it would last months then just go away. Over the past 8 months + I have been having constipation for 3-4 days followed by soft stools all day for one day that were very smelly, with sometimes white looking stuff in it. Over the past 3 months my stools have had lots of white, slimy stuff every time and they float and are very soft. It looks like puss and very stinky, rotting smell. For several years I have been very dazed, out of it, foggy head, unaware of surroundings. I have depression off and on, and anxiety constantly. (I have always had anxiety since I was a little kid, don't know if its related), I feel weak, and tired all the time. I feel bloated a lot and about 2 years ago I put on 15 lbs in my belly, so my belly protrudes (kinda look pregnant, even though my belly flattened out after my 3rd and last child right away, the belly came after he was 2.5 years old)

4 days ago I happened to run across something about celiac disease. I stopped eating gluten that day and already my stools look normal and are happening every day. (No more white stuff) I have more energy and feel happier. I do not feel bloated anymore. I plan to continue this diet and see if the symptoms stay away but it really does seem like that was the problem. I don't feel like I need a doctor diagnosis since they can't do anything anyway.

Another note, my grandmother (moms mom) died in her early 60's, she had advanced colon and uterine cancer, she was not big on doctor visits so her cancers were caught in a very advanced state. My mother has thyroid issues and has had other medical issues as well and my sister who is 3 years younger than me got diagnosed with IBS years ago. I haven't spoken to them about this yet but I have a strong feeling celiac runs in the family but has never been diagnosed. I don't know if they will listen to me or if they will want a doctor to diagnose them before they will believe it and it sounds like doctors don't like to diagnose celiac since they can't prescribe anything for it. So any advice on that issue would be appreciated as well.

Thank you in advance.

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Well, if going gluten-free helps your symptoms then stay on it. That said, you probably could benefit from a good overall once-over from a trained medical professional. Are there any low-cost or discount clinics in your area? Your symptoms correlate with gluten issues, but also with several other conditions that may require medical care.

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You probably just solved your problems with that one fateful decision to go gluten free.

Everything you listed as your symptoms is consistent with Celiac.

I can tell you it the most amazing relief to be free of the crushing depression and anxiety associated with Celiac disease. It was there all my life too.

Stay gluten free...be very strict about it...if any symptoms are left after you have done this for a while...then see a Dr. about them.

You really are right...there isn't anything a Dr. can do about it except diagnose it and tell you to go gluten free...but you just did. :)

Best of luck...hope you will let us know how it goes!

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