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How Long Until I Feel Better?

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I'm 23 years old. A few months ago I discovered I was lactose intolerant. I cut out all lactose from my diet and instantly began feeling better, but it was short lived. Within the last month I began suspecting gluten intolerance. Met with my doctor 2 weeks ago and had a blood test for Celiacs. I also stopped eating gluten at that time. My blood test came back negative. I've been feeling better than I was, but still experience stomach aches, d, fatigue, etc - most of these symptoms appear in the morning and are mostly gone by the afternoon. My doctor said if I want I could get a colonoscopy, but I'm wondering if that is necessary. How long does it typically take to start feeling better after cutting gluten from the diet? I realized a couple days ago that I was still using the same toaster as before, so I've stopped doing that. Could my symptoms be from those tiny remnants of contamination? I'm so tired of not feeling good! Any help is appreciated!

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Test results for Celiac are not real reliable. I person may test the first time and reults will be negative. A year later they might be positive. To cut out all glutens you have to read lots of labels and know what all grains are on the gluten list of forbiddens, there is one on this site which you might find very helpful. Try to buy as much gluten-free items as possible. I found my cooking spray had wheat flour, many packaged marinades and just little things you would not dream have gluten. Doing this should make a difference and then you can figure out just how sensative you are. Some of us cannot have any contact. A slice of bread placed on something I eat will make me sick. Some can't handle "Playdough." I personally have not replaced my toaster but I also don't use it! :-) I do put waxed paper on my butcher block when making my food or put napkins on a counter top, line my muffin pans and I don't use wooden sppons on anything that I will eat.

Are you having any other symptoms besides the ones mentioned?

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Other symptoms.. Some of them I'm not sure if they could be symptoms of gluten or not, but since age 12 I've had chronic joint pain and chronic headaches - headaches have seemed a bit better since I've gone gluten free. But I'll get dizzy a lot. I also have been needing more sleep than usual, but then I get tired quickly and feel sleepy a lot of the day. My stomach makes lots of noise and I sometimes have gas (this has seemed to be getting better with the diet change). The reason I went to the doctor to get tested for Celiacs 2 weeks ago was because I was losing weight. I think I've lost probably 7-10 pounds in the past month (I don't weigh much to begin with , so this really isn't good).

My main concern is because I'm feeling better than I was while eating gluten, but seem to have "relapse" days, even though I'm trying to be careful that no gluten is in my diet. I do try to read labels, but I share a kitchen and cooking utensils with gluten-eating roommates, so of course there is risk for contamination.

Does this all sound like gluten-intolerance? Possibly Celiacs?

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Yes it is all consistent with Celiac/Gluten Intolerance.

Yes your symptoms can be from tiny traces of gluten.

I would strongly suspect cross contamination by living in a shared kitchen.

You have to be very careful.

I wouldn't share utensils unless you are sure they are non-porous and cleaned very well.

You also cannot share condiments, jelly, butter, mayo etc. If someone dips a knife in the jar after spreading their bread..that is enough gluten to make you ill.

Finding all the ways trace gluten gets in is a real challenge.

Try to use your own cookware.

Use paper towels, and foil for your foods so you don't have to let them touch the counter or pots and pans that can trace gluten.

Does anyone use flour? That can stay suspended in the air..and it can make you really sick.

You can still be detoxing from gluten too and there are withdrawal symptoms for some people.

Try to be really careful and get your own space in the kitchen if you can.

You are doing the right thing by giving the gluten-free diet a good try even though your blood test was negative. There are sooo many people who test negative but are really sensitive to gluten.

Welcome and I wish you the best.

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