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Do I Need A Diagnosis?

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I am at the end of my rope. I have suffered from extreme bloating, awful gas and occasional diarrhea for the last couple years. I've been to doctors and discussed IBS and "adding more fiber and water" to my diet. I grew up eating oatmeal almost every morning. My mother is a dietitian (no longer practicing) and taught me how to eat well-rounded healthy meals.

In 2007, I was in studying in Spain for one month and had a very stressful, anxious experience because of factors outside of my control. It was when I returned that I started having problems. As I say, my stomach blew up. I tell my family this every time it happens, not knowing why or what to do-- nothing alleviates the pain.

I saw a gastroenterologist and had an an endoscopy and colonscopy. He said I had "ulcerations", the beginnings of ulcers. I don't remember the results beyond this. I cut back on coffee and wine, but 3 years later, I'm in the same boat.

A year ago, I was talking to a new GP about it and she "suggested" I cut out gluten. I did and a couple weeks better i was feeling better. It wasn't solved and so I started reading books about the hidden places of gluten, so now I'm even more vigilant.

Celiac has been diagnosed in 2 people in my family, both on my mother's father's side. One is my mother's cousin and the other is my mother's sister. My grandfather's relatives come from Wales.

I still have issues when I go out to eat since I do not quite know what to ask for yet. My question is can I even be tested for celiac if I have been off gluten for almost an entire year?? What are the benefits of the diagnoses?


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If you are gluten free you will come back negative on the tests. If you want a diagnosis you would have to do a gluten challenge which is basically eating 4 slices of bread a day for 3 months. Alot of people have done one on here and I'm sure they'll chime in:)

Just be aware that after being gluten free often people feel worse than before when they start eating gluten again...I do.

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Nah we had the blood test but nothing else because her blood test showed up positive for the gene and positive for the coeliac antibodies and my blood test showed up positive for the gene but negative for antibodies then on a gluten free diet everything changed and I wasn't willing to put her under anaesthetic for anything like that when there are ways around it. Either way the blood test was positive and she'll have a gluten free diet for life. Every time she is accientally glutened it has a very bad affect on her which further proves why I won't make her eat it.

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