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My DD is 15 months old and is being tested for Celiac. She definately has issues with gluten, we are now just awaiting blood work to determine if she is gluten sensitive or truely has Celiac's. So, one of her tests has come back (on her online medical chart - it is a great feature at our hospital). Her IgA is flagged as Low. The range is 26-70something. Her value is 23. I was just wondering if this is enough of a low to skew her IgA results? I am thinking this is not far enough outside of normal to effect anything, but just wondering if anyone knows anymore about being just outside normal. Also, I know that IgA increases with age. Hers was normal a few months ago (her value was 21, range started at 19-???). It just hasn't increased as much as it should. Can IgA not increase with age as it should? In other words start out normal and then gradually go below the normal range?

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My son is truly IgA deficient. His IgA is 8 and was tested twice to confirm. He is 13 and it does make the standard blood test invalid. To be considered deficient, I think you need to be below 10. I don't think your kiddos numbers are really something considered low enough to make the test invalid. If it is weakly positive, there are a few other blood tests that can be done to look at Celiac even with an IgA deficiency. They did them for my DS.

The only real way to confirm is by endoscopy and biopsy after a positive test. I guess you would have to decide with your doc if that is worth it.

It is interesting to note that you are 10-15 times more likely to have Celiac disease if you have an IgA deficiency.

My son is still questionable because his villous atrophy may also be do to Crohn's disease. He is having a 2nd endoscopy with a colonscopy and cameral pill endoscopy to find out for sure. His doc is a celiac expert and does think it is a decent possibility for him.

Best of luck finding out if she is intolerant or if she has Celiac. I will hope for intolerant but either way, it is the same cure!

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Yes, studies have shown that being low-normal makes all IgA related testing less sensitive. The lower the IgA, the worse the loss of sensitivity on the celiac panel.

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