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Should I Eat Gluten Before A Biopsy?

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I'm a 28 year old man and sorry about my english. I'm Danish and my memmory does not work what so ever. I was actually diagnosed with schizophrenia in october 2004 and been on med for it since. I did stop with the meds some 4-5 months ago, as the side effect had become unendurable. Well, it started alread at the start of 2011, but no memmory, no attention span. All the symtomes that I've had in relation to schitzofrenia are gone now and only the dysfunctional memmory remains. I got some speaking problems also but I think it's because of the memmory problems. I might actually become normal again. /manic laugh

I've lost some 20kg/44lb through the last year. My Doctor have given up on me and (finaly) sent me to a hospital for an eksamination.

I know it's celiac because when i didn't know what was wrong, my body hurt like bloody hell. I read it might be celiac and stayed of gluten for a few weeks a got way better. I told it my Doctor who had me eat gluten for 2 weeks which caused me to feel hell again. Then I stopped eating gluten again and felt better again. The test were negative though and the Doctor won't listen to reason.

On the 21 December I am to give a stool sample and have another blodsample drawn.

For the stool sample. The hospital sent me a paper thing to strap on the toilet. The packet proberbly have instructions, but can anyone get me a walkthrough on what I'm supposed to do, just in case?

And does anyone know some good ways to eh... take a crap? I been very constipated the last week or 2. But the last 3-4 days my bowls have been very cranky and I've spent lots of time on my throne. I guess I've accedently eat some gluten. I'm already eating some magnesium pills with calsium and d3 in them. (and some udo's choice, sometimes an iron pill and offen a b vitamin pill with B1, B2, B3, B5, B6)

On the 5th of January, I will be exsamined in a hospital. I asume it will be a biopsy. Should I eat some gluten prior to the eksamination? I read that the villi regrow after a few days.

I'm leaking urin and my underware is yellow from urin. When i sit down it becomes very bad. There have be some periods where it disappered even though I was proberbly eating gluten at the time. Does anyone know what might cause it? I've noticed that B12 couses me to produce loads of urin, though there might be other factores.

Does anyone know lack of what nutrition that can course memmory problems?

When I walk it feel like I walk on the bone and it have been so for some 10 months. Now, when I grab some plates it feel like I'm grabbing them with the bones in my hands. Is it coused be a lak of some specific nutrient or is it because I lost so much weight?

I always had problems with the blodcirculation to my lower legs. If i sat down on my knees I would cut of the blod supply. Now it's become a problem with my left arm also. I think the iron pills fix it to some extend. But I don't really have a decent enough sample size. Is there an other a lack nutritions that my be the cause?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello vovfisk, and welcome to the forum.

It does sound like you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance. However, I'm afraid that the testing they are going to do at this point will probably not find it. You need to have been eating a full gluten diet for a couple months to get accurate results from blood tests or from the endoscopy with biopsy. You are correct that the villi start healing in the absence of gluten so unless yours had been completely flattened (and they may have been, I guess, with such severe symptoms) they could look normal. Likewise, the body stops making the blood antibodies once the gluten disappears, and it is the antibodies that the blood tests are looking for.

Most doctors will tell you that eating gluten for a couple of weeks is suffricient challenge for testing, but it is not. If you were to restart eating gluten right now you would have three weeks until your biopsy. If you can tolerate it, it may be long enough, but there is no way of knowing. I am assuming your blood tests were done after you had been back on gluten for only two weeks and they were negative :( so it is not a good sign. If you have been mostly gluten free lately your tests will probably show non-celiac.

Of course with gluten, you do not have to be celiac to experience the kinds of symptoms you have. Many of us on here have been eating a full gluten diet, had many/most/different symptoms to you, but still tested negative for celiac. This does not mean that gluten is not the problem because these people have recovered, some entirely, others mostly, without gluten. It is only recently that doctors are starting to accept that you can have these gluten problems and not be celiac. It seems that your doctor is not one of those.

If you wish to feel better, I believe you know what you have to do - stop eating gluten regardless of your test results. I realize that in Europe you often get tax deductions for gluten free food if you have a diagnosis, but unless you are willing to eat gluten for a couple of months I don't think you will get the diagnosis, and even if you do torture yourself like that it is still possible to test negative on the test for celiac and yet gluten is still the problem.

Are all lthe nutritional supplements you are on prescribed by your doctor because she tested you and found that you were deficient? These are all common deficiencies in those with gluten intolerance. It depends on what strengths of thse vitamins and minerals you are taking whether they are doing you any good. I have personally not heard of correlation between B12 and problems with urine.

Generally with the stool test you just use the stick provided to smear some stool onto a special sample board provided. You usually do it on three different days. Then either return it or mail it according to directions. There should be full instructions with it. IgA antibodies often linger in the stool longer than in the blood so if your levels are high enough they may give you a diagnosis that way.

I am sure if you have been reading about celiac you will know that your memory problems, attention deficit problems, weight loss, pain in the body, apparent schizophrenia, can all be caused by gluten. If you have pain in your hands and feet this can also be gluten caused as it causes arthritic type symptoms.

So whatever the results of your testing, you need to live strictly gluten free for at least three months and see what difference it makes to your life. If you have improved before living gluten free, I am sure that this is going too be your answer. If you have not had your nutrient levels checked they should be checked to make sure you are taking enough supplements. You should have your thyroid function checked too.

Good luck with your testing, and feel free to ask any other questions you wish to. :)

ETA: See this checklist of symptoms for celiac/gluten intolerance: http://glutenfreewor...symptom-guide/. This was just posted by another poster in another thread.

ETA #2 to change the word bolded from results to months.


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In Denmark, doctors are very ignorant about celiac disease.

You need to consume gluten on a regular basis before the biopsy of the small intestine.

Yes, constipation is also a common celiac symptom.

But, you may have this problem with opiates from gluten (and opiates are constipating) and that is a different reaction than celiac

google gliadin reichelt and you get a lot of research by a norwegian researcher.

Here is more about the subject:


also, http://sites.google.com/site/jccglutenfree/


gluten-free since may 06 after neg. biopsy symptoms went away and DH symptoms which I had since 03 got gradually better.

daughter officially diagnosed celiac and casein intolerant.

non-DQ2 or DQ8. Maybe DQ1? Updated: Yes, double DQ5

Hypothyroid since 2000, thyroxine first started to work well 06 on a low-carb and gluten-free diet

Lost 20 kg after going gluten-free and weighing 53 kg now. neg. biopsy for DH. Found out afterwards from this forum that it should have been taken during an outbreak but it was taken two weeks after. vitaminD was 57 nmol/l in may08)

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Ok, I'll eat gluten for the next 20 days until I'll have the biopsy done. hopefullt it's be enough.

2 hotdogs and I already got a major migraine, farting like a canon and intestinal pain. Can't wait for the joint and muscle pain.

The Doctor didn't tell me to take any of the supplements. I was/is trying to fix myself as the Doctor told me to bugger off due to the negative blodtest. The appointment at the hospital is a resent development. The most of the problems with Celiac is caused by a lack of nutrients as I understands it.

As for the B12 causing me to urinate. I think my body is short on fat and that it causes the B12 to be in excess.

This site list B6, C and Magnesium as causing frequent urination

This site list C, B complex, D and B12 injection as causing frequent urination.

This site list B12 as causing frequent urination. It also list Diarrhea, Breathing Problems, Exhaustion, Hives, and Dizziness and Lack of Coordination, which I also have. I used to have insomnia and panic attacks. I'm fairly sure I don't have Swelling in the leg or blod clots.

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