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I Think My Dog Has Celiac!

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I have cats and they were always throwing up, so because gluten caused me so many issues I thought I'd try something. I changed them to a grain free cat food called Taste of the Wild and they are both doing great. No throwing up, not as much shedding... and they love it. Venison and Wild Salmon seems to have caught their attention!! :D

Food allergies to fish, seafood, tree nuts, aspartame(Equal),flax seed, and many drugs RE-TESTED ALL FOOD ALLERGIES IN JUNE 2015 AND THEY ARE ALL NEGATIVE NOW!  TIME TO RE-INTRODUCE FISH AND NUTS!!! 
Stomach issues since childhood
Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) age 6-44
Diabetes age 44 to present now going back to Hypoglycemia since gluten free.
Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2005 and it's gone now that I'm aspartame and gluten free. c
Celiac disease- negative test in 2009, positive tests in Nov. 2010
Gluten free started 11/08/2010
Genetic tests positive- DQ2, positive -DQ6 (?) negative- DQ8 11/15/2010 

Hyperthyroid 2013 - benign tumors and entire thyroid removed

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Good for you for finding the solution.

We feed a combination of raw, canned, and people food. We also take in foster dogs. They do very well on the combined diet. I think if you feed your dog a variety of foods they will be getting a good balanced diet. When buying commercial we try to only buy grain free although sometimes we will pick something with some rice in it. Dogs aren't designed for grains so we try not to give them any. When we adopt out a foster we do our best to make sure they feed a high quality diet. Whenever someone does switch we hear good reports, usually of their other dog having health problems that clear up.

If a person only ate cereal 3x a day, for a year and then you fed them steak and baked potato it would upset their stomach. That is what happens to dogs who only get one brand of dry dog chow. Also by feeding multiple brands they are getting different protein sources, different veggies and other nutrients. It mimics a more natural diet and helps avoid them developing allergies to the foods they are eating over time. I suggest you have a rotation of a couple of different types of dog food, trying canned and other protein sources. When you get the more natural dog foods they don't have the heavy duty preservatives that the cheap brands do so buy smaller bags that you use up faster. Also check the date on the bag and get the freshest you can. If you are able add in people food and canned food so your dog gets used to variety. In the long run it is alot healthier for them

Here is a video on how to choose a great dog food.


And here is a link to lists of recommended dog foods.


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