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Need A Knowledgeable Doctor

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every doctor so far that i have seen, has been all too quick to pin it on either IBS , colitis, etc. but i cannot get them to listen to the whole list of symptoms, so i cannot get them to switch their thinking. try as i might, i cannot find anything that suggests that there are that many doctors out there who understand that you don't have to be celiac to be gluten intolerant. in fact, my last doctor appt. with gastroenterologist, he looked at me and said, "you cannot be gluten intolerant because your test for celiac was negative." i am so sick of being sick, and i am desperate for a doctor that will listen, have patience with me, and be willing to explore options instead of being so quick to pin it on some general disorder. i don't even mind travelling a couple of hours to get to one. does anyone in my general area (southern new hampshire) have any ideas on some good doctors that may know something about celiac and gluten intolerance? it seems that the medical community isn't quite up to speed here........

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I would suggest you post with a topic entitled

Need a Good GI in ....NH

otherwise, no one will know you WHERE you are located and may not see it and answer this thread, hon! :)

That's what I did and found my new guy!

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