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Kind Of Confused...

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My doctor's nurse called a left a message this morning detailing the results of the blood tests performed the day before. She said they were normal, but I went to pick up the hard copy anyway...

Ferritin: 44 (8-252)

Folate: >24.0 (>5.4 - )

Iron: 151 (50-170)

% Iron Saturation: 38 (15-45)

IBC:400 (250-450)

Vitamin B12: 334 (211-911)

Free T4: 0.9 (0.8-1.5)

TSH: 1.249 (0.350-5.000)

I have some symptoms of possibly low b12... but these numbers look alright....confused. Is there anything I should be noting in these numbers? Can I go ahead and start supplementing to see if it helps at all? (This is also 6 weeks gluten-free.) I take a multi-vitamin, probiotics and have been eating mostly, if not all, whole foods.

Thanks again, you guys have been fantastic!

~Laura :)

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There is something strange about your folate result. Did you make a mistake?

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Oops, I did

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For anyone who is interested: I'm currently looking at the book, "Could it Be B12?; An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses" by Sally M. Pacholok and Jeffrey J. Stuart. There's a kindle edition and from the sample I've read, it seems very good (and informative!).


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Most of the stuff I've read recently on B12 says that you need other tests like homocysteine to tell if you're deficient. I think this CDC article explains it well.


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If you are supplementing folate then your B12 reading can show higher than it really is. Also with the B12 it is helpful to have previous levels to compare it to since it can show higher in the blood than we are able to utilize and previous testing can show if your numbers are dropping. In addition some doctors now want the lower number to be higher than 500. A sublingual B12 is not going to do any harm so you may want to supplement B12 sublingually for a bit.

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the free t4 is awfully low!! Just missing the bottom of the range by one decimal. You might be hypothyroid, but one can have tests like that when having a flu or a cold (and it normalizes afterwards) (free t4 is usually in the middle of the range or higher)

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Thanks for the article Skylark!


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