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Good Gi Doc In Washington, Dc

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Hi, I'll be seeing Dr. Fasano at the U of MD in August, but I am located in DC and need to find a good GI doc who is knowledgeable about celiac and the gluten spectrum. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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Metropolitan scoped me (endo and colon) a couple years ago, and scope-wise they are very good. The doctor who did my endo could tell just by looking then and there, live, that I probably had celiac disease. I tried following up more with him and others in the practice, later, but was not really successful. There are not many doctors of any kind who know a LOT about Celiac disease. There just aren't, I'm sorry to say. Even my GP who first suspected celiac disease in me could not explain how the gluten reaction works.

If you find anyone with willingness and knowledge to impart, please do share.


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