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Nailbed Misshapen

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Along with the ridges on my nails, over the past couple of years I've noticed my nailbeds have changed, flattened in some areas, resulting in change in the shape of my nails. They used to be perfectly round, it has definitely only happened since developing celiac disease. Had anyone else noticed changes like this?

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I only had the ridges across my nails and those grew out/went away after being gluten-free for several months. Could it be related to malabsorption or vitamin deficiencies?

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Probably! Also, ridges are a sign of anemia.

I had beautiful nails until a few years ago when I became very ill and my nails developed long, vertical ridges and splits. I hope that will resolve in time. Some are better and they are growing stronger again.

I see it is listed as a celiac symptom in Recognizing Celiac Disease by Cleo J. Libonati:

(I have 6 of these symptoms below myself --and that's just the integumentary system :rolleyes: )

Integumentary System Symptoms

Disorders of skin, hair, and nails.

Alopecia Areata (Patches of hair loss)

Alopecia, Diffuse (Balding)

Cutaneous Vasculitis

Cutis Laxa

Dermatitis Herpetiformis



Edema (Swelling)

Eythema Elevatum Diutinum

Erythema Nodosum

Follicular Hyperkeratosis (Dry rough skin/ plugged hair follicles on body)

Ichthyosis, Acquired

Itchy Skin Rash


Koilonychia (Thin nails that flatten, ends progressively turning up instead of down)


Nails, Dry and brittle that chip, peel, crack or break easily

Nails with Horizontal and Vertical Ridges/Fragile

Nail with Rounded and Curved Down Ends, Dark, Dry

Nails with White Spots

Nails with Splinter Hemorrhages

Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris

Prurigo Nodularis (Hyde’s Prurigo)




Thin hair


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[i have one to with a nail that is thick, yellow, and curves up on the end. It has a fungus problem. It has appeared to improve, but is not better yet.

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Thanks for your feedback everybody, it feels a little less lonely. I'm not very good with being Coeliac. I have chronic depression, and I go through months and months of stringent eating then sometimes I might get really low and actually use 'normal' foods to deliberately damage myself. This week has been really bad and I'm now in a lot of pain from my shoulders and back, definitely my stomach, and my legs too. It's my own fault, and I am embarrassed about it. Hopefully I'll learn from this particularly horrible experience.

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There a number of threads on the forum about finger nail ridges, here is one.

Ridges in fingernails

There are better ways to "punish" yourself Kirily than eating gluten. You could make yourself work on something around the house, or help someone else who might need it. Heck you could make me a nice gift and send it free of charge. Hmm, a solid gold Psansky egg would be nice. :) Just think of how miserable that would make you feel, sending me a golden egg free! Yep, lots of ways to punish yourself that may actually be a better choice. Not kidding, I totally understand how that can feel. Just today I was somewhat sick so I decided to eat a candy bar with dairy and soy lecithin in it. And I drank a Mountain Dew with caffeine and sugar in it. Kind of buzzing from that still.

Actually, maybe that would help? If you were to write down a list of things to do ahead of time when you are feeling bad it might give you some ideas when you need them. Ideas like not eating gluten but eating something else instead. And also making some gluten-free treats ahead of time would possibly help. There are lots of recipes for snacks and treats and dessert on this forum. Maybe you could put a "Feeling Bad" list on the refrigerator and give it a read next time? Remember the Psansky egg should be at the top tho, IMHO. Maybe you could just draw one if you don't have a lot of extra gold lying around. I am pretty flexible really. :)

I hope you feel better soon. Eating gluten can be addictive for some of us and causes depression in some too.

Psansky egg design images

Here is a design I really don't want tho:

Psansky egg I don't want

If the MODs don't like my idea of getting free golden eggs from other members we can cut them in for a few also. Bummer, but we may have to do it.

In conclusion, don't give up on yourself or your ability to control your own choices. You can choose to do things differently next time. Life is full of limitless possibilities if we decide to explore them.

P.S. If you don't want to put the egg at the top of your feeling bad list I totally understand. I have not got a perfect record with my wonderful ideas. And ((((Hugs)))) for your current condition. Remember we are here for you to lean on when needed.

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Hahaha!! That made me laugh. And some good ideas too. Thanks. Please don't hold your breath for any gold eggs though! ?

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Hey! Bribing the mods, while an Excellant idea, is off topic! :lol:

I think the of a list of things to do when upset, is a good idea. So would be a special treat you could keep as needed.

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Yes, and it takes more than Gold eggs anyway to buy my favor. :lol:

Hon, Gee EFF in Dee Cee is trying to make you feel better and he is very good at it. He's funny and empathetic.

I know this is a frustrating disease sometimes and I know you know better than to intentionally gluten yourself again, so I won't scold you. :)

But now you have found us and we can help you when you feel that urge to harm yourself with gluten again. You have to view this stuff as rat poison. Arsenic. No, wait--I've got it: ANTHRAX. :ph34r:

C'mon kiddo, you've got a lot of living to do and you need to be healthy. That depressive thinking will just be tweaked on gluten. (I know; been there/done that)

I am not a depressed person at all, but that crap made me sad and anxious. Blech!

OFF it, I am ME again!! I know what you mean about pain, too. It sucks, but it will get better if you stay off the gluten.

So, hang out with us. If you need/want some goodies, let us help you find recipes or tell you what works for us. We get it. Okay? Okay! ;)

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Hahaha!! That made me laugh. And some good ideas too. Thanks. Please don't hold your breath for any gold eggs though! ��

LOL Kirily, I won't hold my breath then! :)

You may know this already, but some vitamin deficiencies can cause depression. Actually, feeling bad, tired, weak physically for an extended period of time can make some people (like me) depressed. Vitamin deficiencies are common with untreated celiac because the damage to our small intestine villi hinders absorption of vitamins. Your nailbed changes could be a physical sign of vitamin deficiencies. It might help to get your vitamin levels checked by a doctor, so you know if you are missing some important ones. I was chronically low on Vitamin D for a long time after starting the gluten-free diet. I was probably low before that also, but just didn't have it checked. Eventually if you stay gluten-free your villi should heal enough to absorb the vitamins you need from your food. But you could try taking supplements in the meantime.

Another thing that might be a problem is thyroid function. If your thyroid is not producing enough thyroid hormone that can cause plenty of symptoms, Thyroid problems are something that can kind of sneak up on you without being noticed too.

FWIW, I used to have a very short fuse before going gluten-free. I would get angry for no reason and easily frustrated. I really didn't even know why I was angry sometimes and thot it was kind of odd. When I wasn't angry I was depressed. After I stayed gluten-free for a while that slowly changed I and I am became my sweet, loving egg-kanoodling self again.

Fingernail conditions mayo

Vitamin B-12 deficiency is linked to some fingernail conditions. I have vertical/longitudinal ridges on my fingernails.

Shoot, almost forgot, try some Pepto Bismol for your gut symptoms. It can help ease the pain some. And maybe some aspirin also.

My little experiment ended up with me getting a cramp in my right calf on waking this morning. Too much sugar I guess. I don't usually eat the stuff except in fruit. Which I probably should limit.

Oh, the MODs here are actually pretty nice, even if they don't get eggs or other gifts. Most of the time their favorite gift is when we give them a hard time! :)

@IH and Kareng, thanks for not banning me for the bribery attempt! :D

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You guys are all great. I found out yesterday I have a virus, explaining all the body pain, but I'm also pretty sure not allowing my body the best opportunity to absorb nutrients won't improve my overall well being.

I live in Australia, in NSW, so I'm very lucky that packaged products have to pass stringent tests to be able to say gluten free. I had a blood test yesterday, I might start seeing a dietician again- if I have to be answerable to someone I tend to eat better. Even when I'm being completely gluten free I'm afraid I still don't have the healthiest diet. Breakfast and lunch I'm really good, but I'm very lazy about dinner and pick at 'sometimes' foods way too often.

Is gluten free food more expensive in the States? I eat a special muesli every day, with soy yoghurt and soy milk to boost my calcium intake, and I eat bread for lunch, and it really adds up.

Anyway, this is all very far from the nail topic! Hahaha!!! I do take a vitamin D and calcium supplement everyday as well as a B12, and I've read other people getting body and muscle relief from omega 3 so I might try and chuck some of that in.

If you guys know any good gluten free recipes for the really lazy cook, please hurl them my way!!!!

Again, thanks for the kind, and funny, support and advice.

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