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So My Test Results Were Negative..have Other Questions

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only 3 things were tested, can't remember but I can post them later if needed...would a positive test result need to have the results higher than the range given? I was eating gluten several times a day for quite awhile..don't remember how long

is there a way to test for gluten intolerance? main symptom if not eating gluten-free is really bad heartburn. today, I just noticed what looked like horizontal ridges/wavy lines on my big toes and some on the rest..I don't think it's Beau's lines, mine aren't that deep.

I also have tremors in my legs when I stand..goes away if I walk or sit down.

any thoughts? thanks!!!!!

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Yes, the levels would be above the given ranges if they were positive. Ufortunately, the only test for gluten intolerance is if eating it makes you feel sick.

It doesn't sound like they did a complete celiac panel on you however, as there are 6 tests in the panel. Depending on which 3 they did though, a negative on all 3 would make it unlikely that you have Celiac. But not impossible.

You do not need a drs permission or dx to feel better. Gluten makes many non-celiacs very, very sick. Just because it is not triggerring an autp-immune response does not mean it is ok to eat it, despite what your dr may say. If you are done pursuing more testing, take charge of your health from here on out.

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