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Help - Need Testing

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Hello ,

Over the past week I've had two attempted blood tests to test to see if I am gluten Intolerant. However My veins are so small that both times they didn't get any blood. I went for the tests because after I eat products with wheat in I get severe stomach cramps and have regularly had diarrhoea after eating pasta , bread, quorn ect .

I've heard that you can get a test done using a strand of hair ? Not sure what its called or anything.

Basically I need to know if there's an alternative to a blood test to find out if I am gluten Intolerant.

If anyone can help I would be so grateful!

Hilary x

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I'm so sorry for your difficult experience first off all. Unfortunately, hair can only be used for DNA which is not conclusive.

Did they use a butterfly needle? I have bad veins and it helps to insist on a phlebotomist and they try my hands as well.

Nurses can get blood from babies so they shoukd be able to help you.

Good Luck!

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A good phlebotomist can get at your veins using a winged infusion set also known as a "butterfly infusion set" or "scalp vein infusion set". They are often used with people who have spasticity, or thin, "rolling" blood vessels difficult to access.

Like me!

Celiac is diagnosed through blood test, biopsy and medical history.

Sometimes, genetic testing is done to rule it out as well.

Sorry, but the hair testing is a scam. No scientific evidence whatsoever.

"Hair is made up of a protein, keratin, that can be analyzed to determine its mineral content. That data can be used to find out if the body is lacking in certain minerals, but it can’t tell you whether you have food intolerances, allergist Lee Freund wrote in The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Food Allergies."

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/04/17/2752309/doubts-cast-on-food-intolerance.html#storylink=cpy

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