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Hello everyone. I'm not yet diagnosed, but very suspicious that Celiacs could be my problem. Some of my symptoms seem to point in that direction, others don't. Anyways, I ordered the home test kit from Canada yesterday. I'll start there and see what happens. Just wanted to say hello. Seems like a great board but I hope i'm not around long enough to enjoy it if ya know what I mean lol.

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I know what you mean. LOL

I did the Biocard test about 2 months ago. It's an accurate test. I upped my gluten for about 2 weeks prior to the test (I was eating less gluten than the average person) with extra cinnamon buns and such. I think the test says you should be having at least 1-4 slices of bread a day (at least 2 a day was recommended)for a month prior to testing. You may want to up your gluten consumption while waiting for it to arrive if you've been eating gluten-lite.

If you need to prick your finger for blood, make sure you get a big drop; big enough that it is almost rolling off your finger. When I did it, I only got about 2/3 to 3/4 of the blood needed and it almost affected my results... I had a very very faint positive line (for tTg IgA) and when I had lab work done my tTg IgA was greater than 200 (>200) when the normal range is 1-20.

A positive is a positive no matter how faint, but there is about a 25% chance of a false negative... something to remember if you are having symptoms.

Good luck. I hope we never see you again. ;):D

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