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Very Interesting...please Read...

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I found this blog post (with some interesting study data. Addresses gluten sensitivity and celiac. Also, addresses testing and had some very interesting stats!

Personally, I am coming to believe that gluten sensitivity is nothing more than "pre-celiac" (before the gut has been significantly damaged) or celiac which just hasn't been identified.

I, also, am coming to believe that gluten is a significant health problem for more people than the "1%" statistic shows. Part of that, imo, is the testing...it's just not good enough...

I keep thinking about "symptoms" that are treated....for MANY people...without knowing causality... High blood pressure???

Anyway...just where my head has been lately...


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Interesting. My feelings on gluten sensitivity is that it comes down to leaky gut from antibiotics, etc. Gluten proteins aren't meant to enter the bloodstream, and when they do, they wreak havoc. Celiac simply punched holes in the gut lining on its own...end result is the same!

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