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Blood Test Results Opinions?

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Tks I will it's beautiful and sunny in Sydney Australia at the moment and my apartment complex has an outdoor pool that I use for exercise.

Nice :D

greetings from sure to be sunny in the morning - San Diego, California

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All right you two, quit bragging. It was a crisp 31 this AM in NY State :blink:


For what it is worth, I have caught my cat drinking the pool water many times (even though I provide filtered fresh water) and she is none the worse for wear. :D

You are swimming (good for relaxation, cardio, endorphins)

You are in the sun (great vit D boost)

You are laughing (excellent stress-buster and prevents wrinkles--yuck, who wants those, right?)

I agree with GottaSki. I really think you are just still healing

and many others foods can give us grief (besides gluten) while our guts are still raw.

Take care and keep us posted.

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