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Serotonin And Wheat/bread/pasta/gluten Reactions?

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Does anyone know of any reputable articles or information that links low serotonin levels to pain or seizures when consuming wheat/gluten?

After nearly a year of testing I finally found one test that came back abnormal for low serotonin, it was not abnormal, just very low.

I found that if I slept a lot before and after any meal with gluten, the pain would be minimal if not absent. Which otherwise would trigger intense pain and send me to the ER.

I think I basically need more serotonin (or sleep?) in my system otherwise I would have extreme pain after consuming anything with gluten.

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Low neurotransmitters is an indication of malabsorption. I believe you need to remove all gluten in order for you to digest/absorb amino acids properly which will increase neurotransmitters - includung serotonin.

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