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Is Eos Shaving Cream Gluten Free?

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I have been gluten free for a while but this the first time I have used my EOS raspberry shaving cream. After shaving I got red itchy spots all down my legs. Its not razor burn. Could this be a gluten reaction? How do I tell if my products are gluten free? Nothing said wheat in the label.

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" Will my skin breakout if I use topical products like shampoos/lotions that have gluten in them?

Gluten must be ingested to be cause for concern for someone with celiac disease.

We still recommend those with celiac disease avoid contact with gluten, especially with products that have the potential to be ingested. Small amounts of gluten can be found in many cosmetics, lotions and shampoos. Avoid product ingredients that literally say “wheat,” “rye,” “malt” or “barley.” "



Q: What triggers DH?

The simple answer is ingested gluten. But iodine (potassium iodide, iodized salt, kelp), some anti-inflammatories and stress can exacerbate the disease. An area of controversy is whether or not gluten can be absorbed through the skin. Most medical experts say no, only dietary gluten is of concern.

DH can be "exquistely sensitive" to gluten. Since the skin may not be rid of the IgA deposits for 2+ years after starting a gluten-free diet, flare-ups may continue to occur. The skin response is much slower compared to the healing of the intestinal mucosa. In particular, outbreaks of facial and scalp lesions while on otherwise adequate treatment is not uncommon.

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One of the ingredients is avena sativa (oat) so no, I would say it is not gluten free. I found this quite disappointing as it is by far the creamiest and most moisturizing shaving cream I've ever used. I stay clear of all products that could contain gluten since I am a prone to touching without thinking about it. I've also recently added DH to my list of fun things so I wouldn't go near EOS shaving cream for all the money in the world.

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