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Need Help Interpreting New Gluten Blood Test!

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Hi Everyone. I just joined a few minutes ago. i have been frantically searching the internet all night since i have rec'd my blood results. i was given an "ALLERGEN GLUTEN IGG" test performed by quest diagnositcs. the range indicates less than 2.0 mcg as normal. mine came back at 5.2. the doctor's assistant that i spoke to says this means i am allergic to gluten and may have celiac's. But Quest Diagnostics had a paragraph on the lab work that states it was performed by a kit not yet approved by the FDA -but that quest has determined the anlytical perfromance of this test. does anyone know the reliability of this test and what my out of range number means? Am i indeed allergic? do i mostly likely have celiac's? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!! -Jessica

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I'm not aware of that test... perhaps someone else around here can say more.

I can tell you that celiac disease is an autoimmune disease and not an allergy. There are so celiacs who are allergic to wheat but it's a completely unrelated thing (as far as I know). For instance, I am a celiac but I have no known allergies but a good friend of mine (whose father owned a bakery - go figure) had a wheat allergy but is not a celiac.

The usual blood tests for celiac are:

tTg IgA

serum IgA

tTg IgG


DGP IgA and IgG

...And often an endoscopic biopsy of the upper small intestine is done as well.

Best wishes to you. I hope you find some clear answers.

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Welcome Jessica!

To the best of my knowlege, a strong positive on Gluten Allergy IgG test means you are certainly intolerant of gluten.

IMO, your best next step is to have proper celiac blood tests with the addition of nutrient testing which can show if you are deficient in nutrients - also an indicator of Celiac Disease. Your doctor may or may not recommend an endoscopic biopsy of the small intestine - again...the first step is blood testing. Your Primary, Allergist or GI doc can order the necessary tests.

Have you removed gluten from your diet? If so, how long has it been removed? It is important to be ingesting gluten for celiac antibody tests to have their best chance for accuracy. Give a possible gluten allergy - getting these ordered quickly if you have removed gluten is VERY important.

Good luck...let us know if you have more questions :)

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