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  1. A couple years after being diagnosed with celiac disease, when I was in my early 20's, I lost the ability to digest peanuts & nuts (coconuts excluded). I never had a peanut or nut allergy growing up. One day in my early 20's after eating a bunch of peanuts I developed the worst burning stomach pain I've ever had. It lasted for several hours. Then I started burping up the taste/smell of sulphur. Followed by severe diarrhea and vomiting. I didn't associate it with the peanuts the first time it happened but over the course of the next few years, after reoccurrences of the same symptoms, always after eating peanuts or nuts, I made the connection. I have had it happen twice without eating peanuts or nuts, and during both of those occurrences I overate and fell asleep too soon after eating. Usually the vomiting starts after hours of stomach pain and sulphur burps and contains undigested food. Once, it was pasta I had eaten several days earlier that I threw up whole. For the most part I feel that I have the issue under control by not eating peanuts or nuts, and by not allowing my body to be horizontal for at least 1-2 hours after eating a meal. However, I live in constant fear of it happening again because it's so unpleasant that it's traumatizing. Strange fact: both my older and younger sister (who are also gluten free), developed the same intolerance around the same time. We all went gluten free around the same age too. None of us had ever had an intolerance to peanuts or nuts before going gluten free. There remains some confusion about it because it does not happen consistently. My little sister accidentally ate almonds recently and had no reaction. She can also eat peanut butter and nut milks. I am too afraid to try peanuts or any nuts these days, although I can recall not always reacting badly to them as well. My older sister's stomach has gotten so bad that she can't really digest anything other than meat and dairy anymore. Any fiber what so over and she is vomiting. Our guts seem like they are healing since going gluten free, yet all three of us feel our stomachs have been on the decline. I know lower stomach acid is a natural part of aging but we are 29, 31, and 34 years old. Has anyone else experienced this change in symptoms? Stomach issues are not my only problem but I'm trying to narrow it down for the sake of this topic being mostly about food intolerances that developed years after being diagnosed with celiacs and going gluten free. I'm 31 and I've been gluten free for 11 years. Please share your experience if you can relate, or any knowledge you might have.
  2. I don't mean to sidetrack from the original post but would you mind explaining how you eliminated your GERD and acid reflux? Was it through a thorough gluten free diet? Because those symptoms for me have only become a problem after going gluten free. Especially that sulphur experience you describe. Happens to me about once every two years and is extremely unpleasant.
  3. Hey thanks for your input. I appreciate the explanation and time spent writing it. I think its time for me to test for other allergies as well.
  4. In my experiences the blood test and biopsy are unreliable. It is possible, since you are very new to this, that everything you were eating was not gluten free. It takes a long time to understand where gluten can be hidden in products, and even certified gluten free labeling can be inaccurate. I would give it a try again, stick with it for at least a month. Do your own cooking with real ingredients at home if you have the time and can afford to. Do not eat any processed foods. Then see how you feel. Easier said than done, I know but it could really help you determine what is making you feel so ill. It sounds like you're having acid reflux or gerd, and that could be why your throat is burning or irritated. Try sleeping with your head and torso propped up a bit, use a couple pillows. Also try not going to sleep or allowing your body to be horizontal after eating for at least 1 hour. I experience acid reflux symptoms after getting "glutened" so I know they go hand in hand. Also gastroparesis is common in gluten sensitive people. Might want to look into that as well. Best of luck - and if you need any advice on brands or products to avoid or to eat don't hesitate to reach out. Been doing this for 10+ years.
  5. https://www.glutenfreedietitian.com/contamination-of-naturally-guten-free-grains/ I read this recently and it explained why I get glutened by baked goods consistently. Even when I make them myself with certified gluten free flours. I get sick from Tate's too. It's not a full blown gluten attack, usually it's pretty minor, but I never feel good after eating Tate's.
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