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Ali Rae

Saying Goodbye to Udi's & Glutino Products

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I am pretty fed up with certified gluten free foods made it dedicated gluten free facilities that also use oats.

If you think you've had a reaction to Udi's bread or Glutino crackers you're not crazy. It's happened to me and it took me a long time to figure out the source via process of elimination.

I react to oats the same way that I do to gluten. I'm sensitive to cross contamination and fall into the category of people that can say "even 1 crumb is enough to make me sick." I know not everyone is this way and that we are all different but because of my sensitivities eating Udi's or Glutino products has become a risk. 

Glutino & Udi's products are both made in the same facility as oats with the possibility of cross contamination. I'm sure there are others but I call out these two brands specifically because they are pretty huge in the gluten free community, available everywhere in the United States and make many many products.You might eat their products daily, like I did for a while, and sometimes have a reaction and other times not. But that's the thing about cross contamination...such a small amount can end up in one loaf of bread and not in another, at the same facility, made minutes apart. Cross contamination is accidental. Certified gluten free oats test free from gluten but cause a similar reaction in ultra sensitive people. 

It's a really difficult thing to cut out two brands and all of their products that I have come to rely on over the last 10 years but it must be done if I want to continue to heal.

I encourage others to pay close attention while consuming anything made by these brands if you're hyper sensitive like myself.

I hope that the use of oats in gluten free products dies down a little in the near future, or at least that a label is placed on products declaring that they are made in the same facility as oats.

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