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  1. I'm not upset with the GFCO, they do everything in their power to protect us. I'm angry with the companies that use their logo without authorization. I'm also upset with the FDA for not requiring that anything labeled gluten-free actually get tested.
  2. Hi All, I created a post about this on Reddit today but wanted to share it here as well to get the word out to the community. Yesterday's post on Reddit about the update to the Gluten Free Certification Organization's logo brought up a really good conversation about the misuse of the old logo. I recently looked in my pantry and immediately found three different versions of the logo on three different products. I reached out to the GFCO about it and this was their reply: "Thank you for reaching out. Issues like the ones you have mentioned were a major driver for the update to ou
  3. I am pretty fed up with certified gluten free foods made it dedicated gluten free facilities that also use oats. If you think you've had a reaction to Udi's bread or Glutino crackers you're not crazy. It's happened to me and it took me a long time to figure out the source via process of elimination. I react to oats the same way that I do to gluten. I'm sensitive to cross contamination and fall into the category of people that can say "even 1 crumb is enough to make me sick." I know not everyone is this way and that we are all different but because of my sensitivities eating Udi's or
  4. Knitty Kitty - Wow thanks! I know I'm not the original poster on this thread but this was super helpful to me! I have yet to read through everything but off the bat everything you listed here I can relate to. When I got a virus last year I started drinking a ton of tea with licorice root in it to coat my throat. After that virus subsided, I was left with asthma and the nightshade intolerance. It's been a year since then but I still suffer from the nightshade issues & very minor asthma (does not require daily treatments). Linking these two things with the thiamine defi
  5. I apologize for not being more clear - when I said stomach upset I meant my typical gluten reaction that I can feel in my gut. I don't trust medication that isn't certified gluten free, and none of it is. Obviously I'm banking on this bill being passed and the drug industry being regulated. Until then, I will continue to not trust medication that isn't tested for gluten. Unless...there is a good number of super sensitive celiacs that take one kind and have not gotten sick from it. But I have yet to hear that many of us are taking one kind and not getting sick from it. If you u
  6. I'm really struggling here to cope with menstrual cramps with no certified gluten free pain relievers available on the market. Some are labeled gluten free but are not tested below 20ppm. I used Aleve until I realized it was causing me stomach upset. The same goes for Advil. Advil used to advertise their regular (not gel cap) pills as gluten free but has since changed that status. I found & tried Target brand acetaminophen which is labeled gluten free (not certified of course) and while it has not caused me any stomach upset, it does not work for cramps at all! I suffer them pretty badly e
  7. The shortness of breath is an experience I've had from eating nightshades. Some nightshades include: Cayenne Curry Powder Eggplants Goji berries Hot Sauce Ketchup Paprika All Peppers (including bell peppers, sweet peppers, chili peppers, jalapeños) Pimentos Potatoes (does not include sweet potatoes or yams) Tomatillos Tomatoes It could just be related to celiac disease for you and I would take some more time to heal before experimenting with other diets, but when I cut out nightshades from my diet I noticed the sho
  8. Hey kanucme2019, Thank you for commenting, I appreciate your input. For me, I'm not searching for the food or ingredient cause, I know my canker sores are directly related to gluten. I'm not currently having an issue with outbreaks or anything like that, just pondering how the gluten can take effect so quickly. I just feel like there is still so much we don't know and explain away based on what we do know, which leads to conclusions that might not be true. I just want the research to continue and go down new avenues.
  9. Hi All, Here's a question for you: If celiac disease causes a reaction in the small intestine, why does my tongue break out in canker sores immediately after gluten touches it? Maybe this is silly and I'm missing an obvious reason but hear me out. I kind of understand why I get canker sores (the bigger ones that last for weeks) a day or two after eating gluten. At that point, the gluten has made it down to my gut, a reaction / rejection has occurred, the damage is done and my system is in it's recovery mode - doing whatever it does, pulling water into my gut to flush it ou
  10. Sorry I meant to include a link. I was referring to these: https://www.missionfoods.com/products/gluten-free-soft-taco-flour-tortilla-wraps/ I don't have an allergy to Xanthan Gum, ruled it out already but it's a good suggestion. I do my own baking and use Xanthan without issue. I agree there are a lot of mysterious ingredients in these but they are not unfamiliar to me at this point, a lot of them are in many of the processed foods that I eat that don't give me a reaction. These tortillas give me my very distinct gluten reaction every time. It is a light reaction but it's a reaction. I'
  11. I get "glutened" from Mission's Certified Gluten Free tortillas. I started eating them a couple years ago without issue and then something changed about 1 year ago and they started to make me sick. I've given them 5 or 6 tries since. Gut ache every time. I'm not sure if maybe something happens to them post testing for the gluten or how it's possible for me to get "glutened" by something that is Certified but it's happening. I don't have an allergy to corn or soy.
  12. I agree with all of you. This study still seems totally pointless to me and I'm still not sure why it was even conducted. To disprove celiacs who say that cross contamination is a problem? To make it seem like a single crumb isn't really enough to make anyone sick? To make us all seem like we're exaggerating? We know we're not, we know what we experience. I wish someone would do a study about what successfully healing celiacs do in order to heal. How about a study about how many restaurants are labeled as safe for celiacs but are really not safe. And not some local news bull with scare tactics
  13. Those were my feelings exactly. I worry about what happens when studies like this are misinterpreted. I think they need to be followed up with how to apply what we've learned to everyday life safely and successfully.
  14. I don't think it's bad to perform studies like this, but I do think the results can be more harmful than helpful depending on who's lap the information falls in. This study is interesting, but is it useful or helpful to people cooking at home or at restaurants? In my opinion it is not. I think it could even give false hope to celiacs who might read it and think it's ok to trust a restaurant with food prep, or make people feel more relaxed about cross contamination. I don't know how most celiacs feel but the only thing that would make me feel more relaxed about cross contamination is if everyon
  15. Thanks for reading. I too recovered from the lactose intolerance. It only comes back when I've consumed gluten but not nearly to the same extent as it did when I was a child. These days its minor gut aches and pains that often lead to nothing. The canker sores for me these days are more of a red flag that I've been exposed. My tongue will break out instantly or I'll get a big nasty one that does not heal for 2-3 weeks. Changing up toothpastes about 6 years ago was a game changer in that department. No SLS for me!
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