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    I am DQ2 Homozygous, 13 year old daughter and 7 year old son with Celiac and 4 year old son with the gene but Celiac not activated yet. I love the outdoors and being active. I'm determined to show my kids that you can still live life with Celiac, just have to plan ahead....

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  1. Both sets are made on shared lines. That was the point of my response. Many people have gotten sick from Gluten free products from Frito Lay.
  2. I understand the link. I’ve gotten sick from Frito products that are labeled gluten free. I called and spoke with them on their processes, they “clean” the lines. I won’t buy products that are ran on shared lines/“cleaned”. It’s not worth it.
  3. The issue with Frito is they use the same lines with gluten containing products. Even though they clean them there is still a chance in cross contamination.
  4. I had edited my comment earlier to show that I was talking about regular Rice Krispies. My eyes skipped over the "BROWN" in the post.
  5. Regular Rice Krispies in the US and Canada are not gluten free. They contain Barley Malt. See the below ingredients of the Rice Krispies in Canada... Ingredients: Rice, sugar, salt, corn and barley malt extract, Vitamins and minerals: iron, niacinamide, thiamine hydrochloride, cholecalciferol (vitamin d3), pyridoxine hydrochloride, d-calcium pantothenate, folic acid.
  6. BergieF

    Best gluten-free bread

    We use Schar Artisan Baker Multigrain Bread in our house. My kids say this one doesn't choke them, haha... The ingredients are listed below for those that might have additional intolerances. Ingredients: water , rice starch , sourdough (water, rice, flour) , corn starch , agave syrup , buckwheat flour , sunflower oil , soy protein , modified cellulose , psyllium seed husks (vegetable fiber) , flax seeds , guar gum , apple fiber , yeast , millet flour , sunflower seeds , apple juice concentrate , sugar , quinoa flour , salt , honey . Contains Soy .
  7. I am Catholic and only receive wine, the blood of Christ. Our priest makes sure that my kids and I are the first ones to receive communion from the chalice. The wafer is considered low gluten.
  8. BergieF

    Celiac Prevention

    My 13 and 7 year old have Celiac Disease and my 4 year old has the genes. I have a double dose of the genes so no matter what my children will get a gene that could develop into the disease. I hope that my youngest son doesn't ever develop the disease, but his dr said it could activate later in life. My kids are thriving, they have normal lives, they are smart and have gained knowledge about food that they can carry with them throughout their life. They really don't let anything stop them from living a normal life. I think you'll have the upper hand if you choose to have kids. You'll have the knowledge of what to do to keep them safe if they do have Celiac Disease. You'll be able to relate since you were young when you were diagnosed. How was it for you growing up?
  9. My 7 year old son has this happen. I too get highly angry, like could flip a vehicle kind of angry. It's hard for the little ones to understand what is going on at the time, only knowing that they can't control themselves.... The glazed crazy look in his eye are always a tell. Sleep helps, along with lots of water the following day. The next day we talk about everything and try to figure out what could have glutened him. We've had talks with our school and teachers letting them know that our son is to not eat anything unless we bring it. I think the last time this happened to him was from using shared supplies after a treat party. Now he's very cautious of putting his hands to his lips or mouth. Now as far as chips, my kids stick with Kettle Brand Chips. They are certified. Potatoes aren't my friend so I can't really say if they taste great.
  10. BergieF

    Gluten Free Coffee

    Awesome! I've given up coffee since my husband contaminated our Keurig. I'm going to have to go out and buy my own old school coffee pot so I can try these out. I'm super excited.
  11. Companies get so sneaky with labeling. I stick with the companies that are dedicated gluten free if I am buying processed foods. Most will have a website with a section under Frequent Q&A's. If they don't, email or call to get clarification as to how the item is processed. I know that my family can't eat anything that has been made on a shared line and then cleaned. Good Luck....
  12. BergieF

    Has anyone found anything that works?

    I get it on the back of my right leg and right elbow. I have no idea why it's just limited to the right side of my body. My family care doctor prescribed me a steroid and steroid cream. The oral steroid has only made me grouchy and fat! I'm probably going to stop taking it since it hasn't helped the rash much. Good luck getting rid of yours!
  13. My daughter and son can pack away the food. We all have the CONSTANT feeling of being hungry. My daughter and I both gained about 15 pounds in 7 months, my son is slowly gaining weight. It honestly freaked me out to actually gain weight. We don't eat processed gluten free foods very often. If we do it's certified and made in a gluten free facility. Last night was the first time that the kids didn't want a snack after dinner. Lemon butter chicken and a massive amount of baked sweet potatoes hit the spot!
  14. I was able to get the ingredient information along with seeing the bottles from the pharmacy. The Polytussin is labeled gluten free on the container as well in the ingredients. Omniceft had gluten free ingredients, I called the company that makes it and they stated that it was gluten free.