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  1. I went thru a lengthy rough patch a few years ago. I kept lists of what I ate daily, so I could look for trends, and eliminate suspect foods. Took the lists to every GI appointment. I was down to maybe 7 foods that caused me no problems. Based on this, and my complaints of bloating and heartburn, my Dr spotted a FODMAP sensitivity and acid overproduction. I went on appropriate diets, and walked after every meal. It was slow but steady progress. Your problem may be different than mine, but tracking foods and showing that to your Dr might fill in the blanks he or she needs to help you.
  2. Interesting information. My Vitamin D dropped to 5 a couple years before I developed anemia and was finally diagnosed. I think, however, I may have had celiac for many years before that.
  3. Thank you! Looks like they may have it on my local Target. I'm excited to try it. Thank you again. Btw, do they make Japanese rice flour, too?
  4. Thank you! Looks like they may have it on my local Target. I'm excited to try it. Thank you again.
  5. I've heard a lot about Japanese rice lately, have been interested to try it. Who is your source, and does it come in anything smaller than 25#?
  6. I use California and from Spain. I buy from LaTienda, a US company that imports from Spain. They will contact their suppliers and provide current arsenic analyses. They also outline growing practices in their product descriptions. They offer some plumper rices which work better than basmati in some dishes.
  7. Sharing this article, as it has a nice summary on rice. It was written regarding bone density, but if you scroll down, you'll see a summary of arsenic content by rice type and growing locale. There's also a different technique than what I've seen for decreasing arsenic content when cooking rice. https://saveourbones.com/dont-eat-rice-unless-youve-done-this-first/?ck_subscriber_id=154917929
  8. My allergist recommends avoiding or minimizing dairy for this reason. Also, seasons may have changed, and exposure to new allergens may have coincided with the test. Dust and mold tend to trigger congestion, whereas grasses, trees, etc. tend to cause runny noses. Outdoor molds occur with fall changes. You likely don't need antibiotics, unless you develop a sinus infection. You can relieve congestion with OTC guaifenesin. Find some online that say gluten-free, if you dont have time to contact companies. Brand name is Mucinex. You can also try this site, can't recall if OTC is include
  9. Sounds like abandonment, which is not legal or ethical. Since it was in writing, I assume their lawyer was involved to minimize risk of lawsuits. Maybe call and ask why they wouldn't at least let you have this test, and a referral elsewhere, given the risk of untreated cancer and the wait to get in to see someone to start over. Or have an attorney draft a letter to ask them this.
  10. If your pain moves around, it may be gas. Consider activated charcoal or gas-tax. You might look at FODMAP lists to see if foods you can't tolerate fall into any of those categories. Same with nightshades and corn, as previously mentioned. A food diary, even for a few days to a week, may help you pinpoint offenders. You can look up meds ingredients here: https://dailymed.nlm.nih.gov/dailymed/
  11. Not sure what happened to my original post, but I'm not seeing it here. The test is GeneSight low activity cytochrome p450 2d6 . When I searched this, it initially looked like it was for antidepressants. Looking further, I found info that it applied to other meds as well. Not sure how all inclusive it is. Cost is $3000-4000 per this woman, but insurance did cover (not sure how much).
  12. I will see her tomorrow and will ask. She was vague as to what it's called, but maybe I can get a better description.
  13. I spoke with one of my doctors about this. She suggested I start tracking inactive ingredients, as I may be sensitive to one. I'm wondering if the 2 different Nature Made D's had different inactive ingredients? Also, I recently met a woman who had sensitivities to meds. She received genetic testing that revealed a long list of meds to avoid.
  14. My Dr. was able to see changes in the villi during the scope, so he pretty much knew. But he was pretty sure before the scope, due to my symptoms (anemic, low vitamin D). Hard to guess what you might have ...maybe Celiac, maybe not. I cant imagine having to wait!
  15. I didnt get pix, but GI talked to me right after about results. Had a follow up a week or two later in the office for more info.
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