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Gi Doc Noticed My Low Total Serum Iga....

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so he said even though I tested negative, and with a negative biopsy, to go ahead and avoid gluten, corn, soy and potatoes!  I was going to bring up the low IgA but he brought it up first!  I am having trouble swallowing food and pills again, so because of the low Iga, he wants to do an immune electrophoresis, which I guess will check IgM, IgG and IgE to see if there's some kind of reaction going on. Has anyone had this done because of low IgA? what were your results?

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Hi , yes I know, but he didn't say they would do another celiac panel using IgG and also basically said I am negative case closed on that. He just said test for immune electrophoresis.hm.


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Interesting.  I just looked up immunoelectrophoresis. 



Normal results
Reference ranges vary from laboratory to laboratory and depend upon the method used. For adults, normal values are usually found within the following ranges (1 mg = approximately 0.000035 oz. and 1 dL = approximately 0.33 oz.):

    IgM: 60-290 mg/dL
    IgG: 700-1,800 mg/dL
    IgA: 70-440 mg/dL


I wonder what he intends to do with this information??

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I don't want you to be frightened but since you asked the immunoelectrophoresis is used to look for a number of conditions some of which are more benign than others.  Your doc is being more proactive than most, and looking to make sure there is not something serious that might escape notice.  Here is a run-down from Healthline:


Why Is the Test Ordered?


To Confirm a Diagnosis


The immunoelectrophoresis-serum (IEP-serum) test is ordered to help
diagnose an underlying health condition. Your doctor may order the test
if abnormal results have been detected through other laboratory tests.
The IEP-serum test may be ordered if you show symptoms of:


  • a chronic infection

  • an autoimmune disease

  • a protein-losing disease, such as enteropathy (a disease of the intestines) or inflammatory bowel disease

  • Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia


The test can be used to rule out conditions such as leukemia and multiple myeloma. Symptoms of these disorders include:


  • weakness and fatigue

  • weight loss

  • broken bones

  • recurrent infections

  • weakness in the legs

  • nausea/vomiting

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I've had this test. It shows up a lot of things and helps you rule out some things, I have eosinophil inflammation caused by gluten damage and a leaky gut, this test showed the reason why when it came back with very high IgE levels. My IgA and IgG are within range I believe but my IgM was a little high (not much) my IgE was 4100!. I will post back my results when my wife comes home as my paperwork is in the car. 4100 was something like 40x over the normal limit and helped both with understanding the eosinophil level, the gut pain and pointed us in the right direction to diagnose Kimuras disease which I also have :S!. Without this test I would still be very much in the dark about what to do about it. The test takes a week to come back but if there's a major anomaly like with mine they will do some more work on it to double check and it might take two weeks.


If they find something weird in the Ig levels they might then send you to an immunologist for more in depth testing of the Interleukin levels or something like that. If the IgE levels are high you will go to an Allergist first maybe... I'd say skip him and find someone that does both if it comes to that (but it probably wont)

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Um I don't think I had to fast, but I had lots of blood tests drawn that day and I had to fast for some so I was fasting for them all :).


Here's my results anyway, seems I got confused in my earlier post it was the IgA that was a little high but the IgE is the crazy one for me.


In the brackets are healthy reference ranges. Bold are those results out of range.


Serum Immunoglobulins

IgG: 14.7 g/L (5.2-16.0)

IgA: 3.62 g/L (.85-3.50)

IgM: 2.09 g/L (.32-3.00)


IgE is a separate test here but was ordered with this one

Serum Immunoglobulin E : 4105 kU/L (0-200)


IgE is the one that gets pumped when you have a leaky gut and also for my Kimura's disease, which causes what is debatable :) but I think I'm being sensible in leaning towards the gut. On another not related note I've managed to hold my Vitamin D over 100 all summer without supplements  I'll have to get back on them soon, just something I'm proud of :P because it was a big effort to get it up to 100.

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