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Are All Blood Tests In The Celiac Panel Necessary?

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I suspect I have celiac for a number of reasons. I asked my PCP to order a celiac panel for me. The following test results are listed in my health record:


REPORT Endomysial Ab IgA: NEGATIVE NEGATIVE   REPORT Endomysial Ab Titer: SEE BELOW <1:5


I am confused by the different test names, but is this the full celiac panel? My doctor has advised I have endoscopy/colonoscopy based on my symptoms, but I am wondering if there is another intermediate step (ie a different blood test) to do first? I am reluctant to have an unnecessary procedure done.

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The EMA IgA is just one test, and while it is fairly sensitive and specific to celiac disease, it is more for detection of fairly advanced celiac disease - it only appears positive in response to fairly extensive damage already being present in the villi. As I understand it, it is an autoimmune response/attack to villi damage. It is not a great early detector of celiac.

The other blood tests you could ask for are:

Ttg IgA and ttg IgG

Total serum IgA (a control test to make sure all tests using IgA are accurate- hopefully they did this test for you?)

DGP IgA and DGP IgG (newer test and good for early detection)

AGA IgA and AGA IgG (older test)

Make sure you are eating gluten until your tests are done. Good luck!

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This is the Celiac panel that my local lab offered:




Total IgA                            (a control test to make sure you have enough immunoglobulin IgA)  

Transglutaminase IgA         (tTG-IgA)

Deaminated Gliadin IgA     (DGP-IgA)

Deaminated Gliadin IgG    (DGP- IgG)

This test should cover all the bases to detect Celiac's intestinal damage.


Be sure you are eating lots of bread and gluten prior to the blood test and the endoscopy.


Don't go gluten free prior to the endoscopy.

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