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Random Muscle/joint Aches Linked To Gluten?

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Based on my own trial and error, I think I can say that if I eat gluten, my fingers and wrists ache. They throb, actually. It's intermittent. I can't find any other cause. I'm 45 yrs old and in great health unless I eat gluten.


This past week, I have had more random aches like the elbow and the ball of my foot, most noticeably when I'm sitting still. The last time I know I got glutened was a week ago.


1. Is my assumption that gluten & aches go together feasible?

2. Can reactions last more than a few days?

3. What else could be causing this discomfort?



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I'm not a doctor, but sure it's possible.  You could also have something else like Fibromyalgia too.  It's hard to say, but that answers your first question and third.


From your previous posts, you mentioned that you have been gluten free for some time.  You weren't sure you wanted to do a gluten challenge, but you were considering getting your children tested before they start a gluten free diet (so important!).  Neuropathies are are symptom of Celiac Disease and they can develop even after going gluten free.  If you are deficient in calicium, iron and vit. D, (ref:  your previous posting, chances are, you are deficient in other vitamins and minerals (e.g. Vit. B-12 or magnesium)too.   I'd advise you to do more research on deficiencies, especially since you have osteoporosis.  I fractured a vertebrae this summer doing NOTHING!


 Reactions from a "glutening" can last from a few days to weeks!  Cross contamination is another big issue.  Check out the newbie thread on this forum for more tips and to prevent a "glutening".


Welcome to the board!  

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I believe my arthralgias were linked to gluten so I would say, yes they go together. I am not sure if celiac disease was the sole cause of my pain, but it definitely contributed - and played a role for many months after going gluten-free.

The last time i had a pain flare up was when I was gluten-free for about 3 months, and it lasted over three months. Pain can linger for years after going gluten-free.

Most autoimmune diseases include pain as a symptom. Viruses can attack joints as can other diseases. And then there is aging.... Darn it. Lol If you are going to test gluten as the cause, make sure you give it about six months before you judge if it has helped.

Good luck!

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