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What Are Some Gluten Free Restaurants In S. Ca? La Area?

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There are quite a few choices in the area. PF Chang's has a good gluten-free menu. The Yardhouse's gluten-free menu is pretty varied; you just need to order carefully. Roy's has a good gluten-free menu (it's helpful if you specify when making your reservation). Sushi Roku has recently introduced a gluten-free menu (and it's great!). BJ's does an okay gluten-free pizza. Places like The Counter have "burger in a bowl" options. Outside of the chains, there are many places that offer gluten-free foods, but don't have dedicated gluten-free kitchens. I'm not sure if there's a Hamburger Hamlet in the Valley, but the Pasadena location offers a gluten-free bun now. I've had fun destroying their menu with my substitutions (seriously, the wait staff and kitchen have been incredibly accommodating!).


Heck, I've noticed pho restaurants that proudly declare their foods gluten free (which makes me happy because I'm an addict)! Depending on the Mexican restaurant, you can generally eat pretty safely; likewise, Indian and Thai restaurants will have safe options There are lots of options in this area, but you do have to be careful, do your homework, and, yes, ask questions when you arrive, but you *can* eat out pretty safely if you do this.

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I recently vacationed in that area and ate at a restaurant called "Stacked."  It is basically like a build your own burger, pizza, or pasta place.  Totally customize everything.  They have a gluten-free cookie ice cream sandwich... divine.  I love love loved that place, I was so happy with it.   They have waitstaff but you put in your order on an ipad and put whatever toppings you want on your stuff.


We also ate at Slaters 50/50 and I had a burger, they do Udis buns there, and although the fries aren't gluten-free, they have really good side salads.  Kind of impressed me for a bacon burger place.  And the 50% bacon burger was darn good.


Tortilla Jo's in downtown disney in Anaheim was really really good.  Most of their stuff is gluten-free and their menu is clearly marked what is and isn't.


The BEST place I ate at and was super impressed by was True Food Kitchen- we ate at the one in Newport beach but there is more than one location in the LA area.  Menu is clearly marked and we are friends with a chef at that location and they have really good practices, and take it seriously.  Also really good, fresh food.


There are also the usual chain restaurants as listed above.  You can add outback steakhouse to that. We also ate at a pizza place in Huntington beach that offered a gluten-free crust but just the vibe I got is they did not do it "right."


------I do have to throw in that I am a silent celiac(I dont get symptoms when glutened) so if I was CC'd, I won't know.  All I can go with is my gut feeling of the place.------

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One more suggestion: LYFE Kitchens. They have a fairly robust gluten-free menu, and I believe one just opened in the Valley.

That's really interesting.  I've seen frozen meals from them.  Some aren't labeled gluten-free, despite seeming to be so, based on the ingredients.

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