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Weird Allergic Reactions

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Immediate Reactions:


-Runny Nose, Sneezing and Watery Eyes immediately after eating anything with Grains, Eggs and some Dairy

-Ear and Nasal Congestion (Inner ears feel like they are full of wet glue and nose gets full of dry mucus) immediately after eating anything with Grains, Eggs and some Dairy 

-Endless Belching (I belch constantly and for hours after eating anything. Some times when I belch it carries up to my ears and I feel a rush of air inside of my ear with the accompanying sound)

-Drowsiness (My body feels tired and brain feels foggy and slow) after I finish eating.


I feel fairly good before eating, but like a train wreck after eating. This happens regardless of what I eat but I feel 10x times worse when I eat anything with Grains, Eggs and some Dairy. So far the only thing that doesn't make me feel bad are Beans and some Fruits and recently Frozen Yogurt with active cultures (which I am eating experimentally, in case I have candida). But steamed vegetables give me the same symptoms, only less.


Not-So Immediate Reactions:


-Near-Crippling Abdominal Pain and Rectal Pain the day after eating Cereal (with or without non-Gluten Grains.)

-Clogged Ears and Nose if I ate badly during the other day.

-General Tired feel regardless of how long I rest



Other Things:


-Dry scabs of skin all over my belly, which developed 2 weeks ago. They don't itch or hurt. They are now spreading to my arms and legs. 

-Ear and Nose feels the best during the Morning, the worse later on, even on a good day.

-I've had insatiable hunger for a very long time. No matter what I eat i never like it's enough.

-I have a craving for savory carb foods; Noodles, Pizza and Sandwiches etc. Craving for meat. Feel crazed/hyper or angry/annoyed with out my daily sweet (ice cream) I started having my cravings around 4 PM to 5 PM then they go away.

- Extreme stinky armpits which developed around the same time I got super-depressed and have dark colored bumps around my arm pits

- swollen nodes on my neck and armpitts. Been swollen ever since i got a cut on my scalp by my barber in 2012.


Medical History: 


Eggs have always given me mucus problems.

My Dad might have a Gluten problem.

My left ear has had unknown problems with feeling congested twice, but it was never after eating (unless i ate noodles) or felt like this. It was cured with Hydrogen Peroxide each time.

Around the time I had my first Ear problem (2010) i was extremely depressed, developed anxiety and for whatever reason lost a lot of my language skills. At this time I was also eating whole bags or 2 of noodles containing wheat. I'm wondering if all those symptoms were the result of all that gluten i was absorbing from my foods and ate fried eggs every single morning. 

Episodes of extreme puking for 12 hours or more after eating something that upset my stomach, even since I was 16

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I was wondering whether other people with grain allergies/celiac had any of my issues

Celiac isn't an allergy. The runny nose right after eating sounds more like an allergy than Celiac. You do seem to have some Celiac symptoms

Here are some basic symptoms of Celiac:


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Can someone direct me to a good allergy forum? 


Thanks for the link. Funny because I have delayed puberty too. I also age very slowly, developing my mind and body very slow and i was very short for my age. I only recently got taller and i'm 24.

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I don't know a good allergy forum.


I do think you should be tested for Celiac Disease, because you do have symptoms that are associated with celiac.  Your primary can order a complete celiac antibody panel.


Additionally, you should see a good allergist for allergy testing.


Good luck to you :)

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I know of allergy forums. Just not good ones. Which is why I stay here. Came here as gluten was a problem for daughter. There is a section here for other intolorance sand allergies. The people there are nice and helpful, unlike the allergy forums I have found. Some of you symptoms sound like allergies. But bottom line, if it makes you sick, don't eat it!

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All wise advice. I can not eat eggs, nuts or any milk products. That means I never eat them! Over the years I have been able to eat eggs in baked items like cookies, never never scrambled, etc.. I worked with an allergist to help identify most of my allergies.

A candida problem seems unlikely as you have not mentioned any chronic fungal infections. In any case, frozen yogurt does not have enough probiotics to do anything, plus it packed with sugar and candida sufferers should NEVER eat sugar or high carbs. Again, a doctor should diagnosis candida.

Sounds like you eat a terrible diet. Get off the junk. Allergies can be chronic (like consuming dairy daily when you know it makes you sick) and can make you suspect innocent foods like steam veggies.

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