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Hi all,


I'm new to these forums but have been a member of IBS forums for a long time.


I have suffered with what is diagnosed as IBS for around 7 years.

I resonantly started a FODMAP diet which includes part of a gluten free diet and is the first time I have actually seen a bit of improvement.


I did a liver test at home a month ago which indicated I had elevated bilirubin at quite a high level (normal, +, ++, +++) and I sat between ++ & +++, Urobilinogen was elevated too. This test probably means nothing but I have read a lot of doctors who see elevated bilirubin and use it as a good indicator of celiac disease..

Until the FODMAP diet I was always soft small BM's, I now see normal BM's on some days.


I guess my question lies within my main trigger/symptom(s):


But I really want to ask - My biggest issue is when I have big stresses such as :


Leaving the house,

Having somebody come over,

Waiting for postman with parcel,

Waiting for an answer to a question that might define something important etc (like emailing the boss, is my absence gonna get me fired..).. 


I will have strong urges to use the toilet, even if I don't really need to go (usually the first visit, I do)

These urges only go away when I have had the event pass by usually.


Did anyone else before going full Celiac diet have this problem?




Many thanks!

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I understand that, ATM I'm doing the diet with the idea I have IBS as that is what I was diagnosed with many years ago.

But I was curious if the symptom I mention was one someone with celiac had experienced and remedied by complete removal of gluten products and possibly how long that symptom took to go away.




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To me it sounds like you are having a stress/anxiety response. I have this too and joke with my husband that I am a "nervous pooper".

I have Celiac and while my anxiety related issues have slightly improved on a gluten free diet, I still do often have this problem in similar situations you described. I am constipated most of the time, so it is a real change in my pattern when this happens. If I know I am going to be really anxious about something and have the urgency problem in a social situation where it would be inconvenient, I will take a little Xanax to calm my nerves and it does help. Otherwise, I just accept the fact that I am a nervous pooper :-)

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'ibs' ought to be 'i.bs.u' - it's like a catch-all phrase that means 'i don't know what's wrong with you' in doctorspeak.  a symptom of what is really wrong with you.  i was told that for years:  you have irritable bowel syndrome.  sounds fancy, doesn't it?  of course my bowel is irritable!  WHY is it irritable?????????????????   


havanesemom, i also take a (quarter dose) of xanax when i am handed upsetting news or i am unusually nervous :/  helps immensely and if i take it at the first sign of "freakout mode" i can usually lessen the number of bathroom trips lolz ^_^

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