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Floating Eggs--Myth Or Fact?

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My neighbor  came over and excitedly told me that she had learned how to know if an egg is good or bad. She said that good eggs will sink in water and bad ones will float. And apparently a bunch of farm fresh ones that she had just gotten floated in the water bowl.


Does anybody know of any scientific studies backing this up or disproving it?

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I was just looking at the USDA egg site for another reason and I noticed this:" What does it mean when an egg floats in water?
An egg can float in water when its air cell has enlarged sufficiently to keep it buoyant. This means the egg is old, but it may be perfectly safe to use. Crack the egg into a bowl and examine it for an off-odor or unusual appearance before deciding to use or discard it. A spoiled egg will have an unpleasant odor when you break open the shell, either when raw or cooked."



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