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Celiac Disease? Please help me

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Hey! This is my first time on this site, so forgive me while I'll try figure it out haha. 

Hiya so I've had a lot of symptoms of celiac and my doctor had ordered a blood test. I went to get the results of the blood test with a different doctor but same clinic. The different doctor declared that my test was normal, and that the reason this was happening was because I didn't eat enough to vegetables. There was nothing she could do and she didn't know what's wrong with me "hope I feel better soon". She was a cow, offered no further testing or nothing. I was so angry and upset. So I have made an appointment with the nice normal doctor on Tuesday - May 3rd to see what more can be done testing wise. My question is how often is the blood test a false negative? I'm going to list some of my symptoms. 
-Stomach aches 
-Sharp pains
-Brain fog 
-Smelly gas 
-Mood Swings 
-Weird rashes on my arms 
- Headaches (ALL THE TIME) 
-Acid Reflux 
- My teeth ache all the time! 
-constant sore throats and mouth uslers 
This is most of my symptoms! Can someone please pleaseeeee help me :( I'm at a loss 

I also follow a vegan lifestyle as now, how can you not eat veges haha, thought I'd mention this. 

Also sometimes when I'm on the toilet I get oil in my poop? Weird? 

I'm a 15 year old girl, lives a pretty healthy lifestyle, just suffering right now. 
Thank you :)

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Yes keep testing and only see a doctor you are comfortable with. You may not have celiac, many assume they do but you need to keep testing in order to find out for sure. You may be intolerant vs celiac or something else altogether. Dietician a great idea mentioned above. Hang in there and you'll get it all figured out.

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Teeth hurt and headaches, very likely you are clenching and grinding your teeth in your sleep. This can cause constant daily headaches, tooth and jaw pain.  A good night guard should be fitted by a TMJ specialist (even if you don't have TMJ symptoms, like clicking and popping in your jaw joint, this type of doctor should fit you).  If you want to try something first just buy one of the cheap night guards at a pharmacy or grocery store that you heat in water and fit yourself.  You will know quickly if it helps your headaches and tooth pain. 

Oily stool can be a sign of something wrong in the GI tract and you definitely should be investigated further for not just celiac but a number of other digestive conditions.

I agree completely with the advice to consult a dietician.

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