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Whole wheat makes me sick, enriched also does but not as much.

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If I eat wheat bread or even whole wheat goldfish, a headache will flare up, my allergies will worsen, and I'll  get some nausea.  Is this characteristic to a specific type of gluten/wheat intolerance? I still get moderate symptoms with regular enriched flour products, but they're not as extreme or fast. Maybe it has sometime to do with eating poor breakfasts... I usually just avoid whole wheat because it makes me feel so sick. I read that white flour products have more gluten, so I'm kind of unsure what it is my body's reacting to. Also: we suspect I have PCOS (two of my aunts have it, so it's a high possibility considering my symptoms), so any relevant thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

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There are actually four different proteins in wheat:  albumin, globulin, gliadin, and gluten.  You could be reacting to any one or any combination of the four.  It is possible to be both allergic to wheat specifically, and have celiac disease or non celiac gluten sensitivity at the same time.  The symptoms you describe do sound a lot like a wheat allergy, however the only way to determine exactly is by having some tests done.  I suggest you see an allergist.  Also, my sister, who has celiac disease, has PCOS.  It is so severe that she is infertile.  Infertility is not uncommon in women with celiac disease.  Go see an allergist and get some tests done!

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