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Help blood test results with inept VA system.

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Below are some of my abnormal blood tests. I did the blood test and it came back negative but I think she only did the IgA test. and I am learning that it is possible that poor Adrenal function can give a false negative on a celiacs test. Can someone confirm this for me? I was looking through these results and feel they care clearly saying something is wrong. I have high calcium and phosphate levels, how is that even possible when they're suppose to be opposite each other. My PA looked at this and said everything was fine. Everything is not fine. Someone please help me decipher this!




-CALCIUM 9.6 mg/dl 

-low vitamin D 23.4 ng/ml

-HGB A1C 5.1%

-MCH 34.1% High MCH levels can indicate macrocytic anemia, which can be caused by insufficient vitamin B12. Insufficient folic acid 

-MO% 13.8 High %  caused by a chronic inflammatory bowel disease 

  • RDW 13.5%high RDW blood test result may indicate anemia due to either iron deficiency or a deficiency of folate and vitamin B12

-CHLORIDE 98.0 Low mmol/L low levels can mean kidney or adrenal gland problems

-PHOSPHATASE,ALKALINE 56 mU/ml (43-130) Final @37C 


-LDL 79 


-DIR. BILIRUBIN 0.3 High mg/dl 

-TOT. BILIRUBIN 1.6 High mg/dl 

-PO4 4.6 High mg/dl 

-TSH (VA) 1.20 mcIU/ml 

-IRON 96 mcg/dl 

-TIBC, CALCULATED 378.4 High mcg/dl ****


-B12 (VA) 568 pg/mL 

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She tested IGA I think. Just that alone. She said it came back negative. I have had a ton of life symptoms and a situation that prompted all this.  

Firstly, family history and personal history

I have a twin. 

we had/ have:

colic as babies

could only stand soy formula


Terrible Acne

I have dermatitis hepiformis in my mouth from time to time

I use to have terrible stomach acid but I have slowly changed my diet

My family: 

mother has colitis 

grandmother has colitis

aunt has Thyroid  issues

My mom craves bread and so do I



I have had Shingles my entire life since I was three years old. It sucks. every one in their brother disbelieves it. But their wrong. completely and utterly. I got it continually through my childhood, and it felt like burning needles on my face. I have had herpes 1 (cold sores) as well there is a huge difference. 

I have got it less in less as I have aged. but I recently had a lot of stress due to my life. At the same time I was trying to lift weights and bulk up. SO I was abnormally eating large quantities of food. 

I had a reaction and got the rash for the first time in two years. Right on the tip of my nose. it lasted 3 months but the worst part was it was in my eye as well. I have herpes zoster ophthalmicus and I started to go blind in one eye. 

They told me it was impossible everyone and that the only people who get that young have immunocompromised conditions. 

IE celiacs disease. 

I have bouts of unexplained tiredness, sleep issues, anxiety, depression and other things. 


So I have been researching the link between Gluten suppressing my immune system and causing the zoster virus as well as my acne. Which I now have reason to believe is calcinosis acne or cystic acne. 


The allergist told me she ran tTG-IgA Test that is it. I read somewhere that if you have adrenal problems it can give a false positive. 


I also have the DQ8 Gene for celiac disease. 

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I was unaware of the adrenal problems. I have a gland w/ calcification that was not calcified prior to a gluten challenge. Do you have a link to something showing this?

Get your cortisol checked. Also, your levels could be kidney related. Did you also have your liver enzymes checked?

Also, as others have explained, there are additional tests. Myself and some other folks only test positive to Deamidated Gliadin (not just gliadin) and are negative for TTG. So you should have that run as well.

Perhaps see an immunologist?

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I was a 3 for TTG (negative) and a 4 for Deamidated Gliadin (negative, also a high IGA level 307. I was wondering if I have inadvertently stayed away from gluten. I noticed that most of the foods I ate already were Gluten free or mostly free expect for cereal and bread occasionally. With my medical history I may have had it for 30 years now and either learned unconsciously to stay away from gluten, I have asymptotic case, or I don't have it. 

My doctor told me my liver is not doing well. She did not elaborate, just asked if I drink alcohol. I said no I do not drink very often. This month, twice. 

Which one is liver enzymes? 


VITAMIN D 23.4 Low ng/mL 25-OH,TOTAL(DXI)


HGB A1C 5.1 % (4.3-6.1)

BA# 0.0 K/cmm (0.0-0.1) 

BA% 0.6 % (0.0-1.65) 

EO# 0.0 K/cmm (0.0-0.33) 

EO% 0.8 % (0.0-4.8) 

HCT 47.2 % (38.6-50.1) Final 

HGB 16.1 g/dl (13.2-17.3) Final 

LY# 2.0 K/cmm (.8-3.1) Final       

LY% 34.7 % (11.9-43.1) Final 

MCH 31.2 pg (26.6-33.9) 

MCHC 34.1 % (32.8-35.7) 

MCV 91.5 fL (80.2-96.7) 

MO# 0.8 K/cmm (0.13-0.83) 

MO% 13.8 High % (4.1-12.9) 

MPV 8.4 fL (6.4-10.4) 

NE# 2.8 K/cmm (1.3-6.2) 

NE% 50.1 % (38.1-75) 

PLT 198 K/cmm (152-375) 

RBC 5.16 Mil/cmm (4.21-5.84) 

RDW 13.5 % (10.7-14.1) 

WBC 5.6 K/cmm (3.2-9.5)

C-REACTIVE <0.5 mg/dL PROTEIN (0-0.7) Final

CALCIUM 9.6 mg/dl (8.9-10.5) 

CO2 31 mmol/L (21-31) 

CHLORIDE 98.0 Low mmol/L (100-109) 

HDL-CHOLESTEROL 51 mg/dl (>35) 

CHOLESTEROL 157 mg/dl (<200) 

CREATININE,SERUM 1.0 mg/dl (0.7-1.5) 

FERRITIN (VA) 111 ng/mL (18-270) 

ANION GAP 8 mmol/L (4-10) 

eGFR 87.7 ml/min 

GLUCOSE 82 mg/dl (70-121) 

ALBUMIN 4.8 g/dl (3.7-5) 

ALT 20 Units/L (6-33) 

DIR. BILIRUBIN 0.3 High mg/dl (0.0-0.2) 

PHOSPHATASE,ALKALINE 56 mU/ml (43-130) Final @37C

PROTEIN,TOTAL 7.4 g/dl (6-8.2) 

SGOT 19 Units/L (8-40) 

TOT. BILIRUBIN 1.6 High mg/dl (.2-1.2) 


MAGNESIUM 2.3 mg/dl (1.5-2.5) 

PO4 4.6 High mg/dl (2.5-4.5) 

POTASSIUM 4.2 mmol/L (3.5-5.3) 

SODIUM 137 mmol/L (135-147) 

TSH (VA) 1.20 mcIU/ml (0.10-5.50) 

IRON 96 mcg/dl (44-136) Final WASHINGTON 50 IRVING ST NW ,

TIBC, CALCULATED 378.4 High mcg/dl (229-365) 

TRANSFERRIN 270.3 mg/dl (191-304) 


UREA NITROGEN 14 mg/dl (6-23) 

B12 (VA) 568 pg/mL (210-1100) 


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yes, but multivitamins, protein, etc. nothing crazy. I am still trying to figure it out. I have looked through my genetics. I have a bunch of the celiac related genes. I am very confused by the DQ-2 gene marker. The DQ8 is easy to understand but the other has more than one marker. Still trying to figure out which one I am. 

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I know nothing about celiac genetic testing except that some 30% of the poulation carries them.  That means they have the ability to develop celiac disease but only a very few do.    Genetic testing for celiac disease can help a doctor rule out -- not diagnose celiac disease.  

Jane Anderson, a celiac herself, writes and publishes accurate celiac information.  I consider her a reliable source for celiac disease.  



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