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maize corn

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am from Africa many doctors they even dont know about celiac Plz help me does soya beans and maize corn foods contain gluten? 

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Welcome.  Corn and soy do not contain gluten.   They can be contaminanated during food processing.  Be sure to read all labels.  Learn more:


Some people with celiac disease have food intolerances.  Corn and soy are possibilities.  To test, try eating corn ? on the cob or soy in the pods (natural state).  Keep a food journal to help you identify additional food intolerances.  Sometimes those are just temporary until you heal.  Of course, a celiac must avoid gluten for life!   Lactose (milk products) is a common temporary intolerance if you are genetically okay to consume lactose.   If your ancestors where herders, then you should be fine.  



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