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Guest CD_Surviver

Biology Research Paper Finish! Finally

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Guest CD_Surviver

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease (Shomon, 26). celiac disease (celiac disease) is also known as celiac sprue, or non-tropical sprue (Perspective,163). Celiac disease is where a person is intolerant to cereal grains as they are now called or wheat, rye, barley, and oats (163). celiac disease is a genetic disease that is past from parent to child. Having celiac disease can result in many things such as, intestinal tract problems, and brain dysfunction and lower limb dysfunction also known as Gluten ataxia. Brain fog is a major reaction that a person may have if they have celiac disease and have been contaminated with gluten. Brain fog is also known as Gluten Ataxia. GA (Gluten ataxia) can affect the function of the brain and also the lower limbs (162). GA mainly affects the lower limbs of the body, such as, the person’s gait and muscle tension (162).

I was wondering what the effects of gluten on the brain are, when someone has celiac disease. I believe that brain fog is only part of the problem that affects the brain, when someone has consumed gluten and have celiac disease.

GA is one of the most important effects of celiac disease because it can cause so much pain. GA can cause pain to the lower muscles of the legs and affect the gait (dietary, 1221). GA can be reversed with a gluten free diet because it is connected to celiac disease. Someone with GA may have varied symptoms, such as, trouble walking, muscle tension, brain dysfunction, and feeling like they are unable to do anything because they feel disconnected from their brain (1221). celiac disease may cause GA in people. In some people it may just be gait troubles, but in others it could be all of the symptoms of GA.

celiac disease has many symptoms but GA has just recently been connected to celiac disease (illness, 561). GA is treated just like any other symptom of celiac disease. It is treated with a gluten free diet. This means that the person cuts all cereal grains out of their diet, plus other things, such as, caramel color, MSG (monosodium glutamate), semolina, and other things(Lintin, 871). One main thing that somebody with celiac disease should worry about is going out to eat, because cross contamination is a very big issue with celiac disease. Just a little bit of gluten can cause severe pain, symptoms, and most definitely damage to the intestines. This in turn could lead to cancer and other autoimmune diseases.

GA is only a symptom in some people. GA may be connected to something called Friedreich’s Ataxia, which is has a lot of the same symptoms but has no known cause (Lintin, 604). FA (Friedreich’s Ataxia) is a genetic disorder; GA is also a genetic disorder that is connected to celiac disease. I believe that FA is somehow connected to GA the doctors just have not worked on it that much to know that there are different names for the same disorder. GA is mostly studied in the United Kingdom and surrounding countries. FA is mostly studied here in the United States.

Many doctors seem to believe that celiac disease is only a gut and intestinal problem but recent studies have shown other wise (illness, 563). What many doctors do not realize is that there are many complex components to celiac disease, such as GA and even Autism.

I believe that there are many mental diseases and disorders that have to do with the person’s diet and what they have been exposed to. I believe that ADD and ADHD in children and adults can some how be reversed or just not as severe if the person who had this disorder was to change their diet. May be not to a gluten free diet but experiment with what they normally eat to see if it changes any of their symptoms. I believe that changing the diet will make a big difference and the person will be able to think and react to the things around them better.

Celiac Disease has many symptoms (Lintin, 873). One of the most important symptoms is Gluten Ataxia. Gluten Ataxia has several symptoms in and of itself. All symptoms are very dangerous but Gluten Ataxia is most important because of the way it affects the way the person thinks and moves hydra, 1710). Not being able to move can be very debilitating. Gluten Ataxia can be turned around with a gluten free diet as well as celiac disease (dietary, 1223). Many things are connect to Celiac Disease even though we may not know it yet.

ok guys here is my peper finally!! :D for those of you are interesed and those you who gave me the idea of doing brain fog. thanks for all your help and support. thank you if you have any questions just let me know not all i know is in the paper because it is really hard for me to put things on the paper it likes to stay in my head. :)


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Wow Lauren! Great work. A very interesting read! :)

Before my teen was diagnosed, he often complained of feeling diassociated from his body. I never knew it was one of the symptoms of Celiac. Thanks!


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Thanks, Lauren--that was very interesting. Have a nice holiday :)

Very interesting, thanks Lauren!

There was a TV programme here in the UK a few months ago which investigated the link between what children eat and their general well being and behaviour, as school meals in particular are a hot issue in the UK at the moment. it was very interesting - a nutritionist radically overhauled the diets of teens who had been diagnosed with ADHD and other behavioural problems and there were remarkable changes in their behaviour very quickly.


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Guest CD_Surviver
That was very interesting! Great information! Do you mind posting the references? I am quite interested in this. Thanks.

Worked Cited


Brostoff, Jonathan. Food Allergies and Food Intolerance. Rochester: Healing Arts Press, 2000.

Lintin, Scott. Mayo Clinic Family Health Book. New York: Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 2003.

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Hadjivassiliou, Marios. “Gluten Ataxia in Perspective: epidemiology, genetic susceptibility and clinical characteristics” Brain 2003. November 20, 2005

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Ruck, K. “Sporadic Cerebellar Ataxia Associated with Gluten Sensitivity” Brain. 2001 November 20, 2005.

Here is my work sited page! Enjoy


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Great paper! Thanks for taking up for us "non-celiacs" (as the medical world calls us) and enlightening more folks outside of the Celiac world to Gluten Ataxia! . . . . Lynne

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