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Celiac Rash DH - Grown Alchemist Brand

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Hi Everyone, 

I'm new here.  I recently discovered this site after an extensive search of celiac & DH. 

I recently traveled with my husband and developed a rash. First, it was on my shoulders. Then it spread to the upper skin of my elbows. Then it traveled to my knees. Then it traveled to my ankles. Then it traveled to my hips and lower back. Weird that it traveled at the same time, to the same place, on opposite side of my body. This is how I knew it was something other than just a simple rash. 

I've been so frustrated. I've had rashes my entire life. When I was a kid they thought I had the chicken pox six times - unheard of. No one could figure it out. My entire life, no one could figure it out. "oh, it's stress," and "oh, it's just a basic rash and you've come across something..." Duh! Really? 

Then after this lovely vacation, and a rash that's lasted and spread to various areas for six weeks, I got so frustrated that I started googling, "rash on both elbows," and boom - here you all are!! 

So. Today I decided to post because I figured out the cause of my rash, (after weeks of living only on chicken soup, veggies, and fruits, I knew I should be detoxed by now) ...

So, when we were on vacation I used a product called "Grown Alchemist". They really are an amazing brand, (and this is no way a bash). The hotel we stayed in offered their shampoo, conditioner, and body gel in the room. I LOVED it. Took the extras home, and today, as I sat down to order more, I thought 'I should check the ingredients again - just to be on the safe side'. And they've finally updated their ingredients list - and there it was, "wheat germ". wth. 

So frustrating. I looked weeks ago, and should have made a call to the company since the ingredients weren't listed. (I guess they were updating their website).

Anyway. This has been a blessing in disguise because now that I know I have DH, it explains A LOT. I've been using products that have gluten in them, without knowing they contained gluten. I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy fifteen years ago, (not celiac) and as everyone knows, that's different. After cutting wheat from my diet, I've still had ongoing skin issues and never took the time to research. Well after being home for weeks, with no energy and scabs all over me - let's just say I've have plenty of time!! 

So I wrote this as part informational, but also to say thank you for everyone who takes the time to post info on here, because the info has led me to solve what's been ailing me for 45 years and now I finally have answers! So thank you!! 


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