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Hi all,

I am booked in to have bloods taken at my GP’s next week to test for coeliac and I just wanted to put my symptoms out there to see if I’m going in the right direction.

A little background on me: I’ve already been diagnosed with food allergies to fish, shellfish and crustaceans and also have intolerances to dairy products so my food range is already very limited. Should I get a diagnosis I think I’ll be living on air and water!

Now when I think about it and really strip it back I would say I’ve probably experienced the majority of the following symptoms for about 8 years and never really thought about Coeliac at all but now it’s just a process of elimination as I don’t know where else to go with it. Hopefully you guys will help me out!

My symptoms are:

• Headaches (Migraines).

• Fatigue (Already diagnosed with CFS/ME).

• Bloating like you wouldn’t believe and my stomach is solid (During my last episode/attack I looked like I was in my last trimester of pregnancy)

• Sickness and vomiting (Being woken up during the night)

• Constant issues with constipation and diarrhoea. (This could be anything from instantaneous to a few days after certain foods)

• Red rashes across my cheeks and nose (Lupus has already been ruled out).

• Brain fog and confusion. To the point that I look like I’m stupid as I forget things and it really annoys me because I’m really not! I am terrible with names and I forget words in the middle of sentences and it really gets me so frustrated!

• Sore and tender scalp. The kind of feeling when you’ve had your hair up all day and you take it down but more tender to the point you don’t even want to move your hair as it’s just such a raw pain. (This has been happening more and more over the last 2/3 years)

• Occasional tingles in tips of my fingers and thumbs.

• I have had alopecia in the past.

• I am also under investigation at the hospital for spontaneous chronic urticaria and I also have Dermatographia.

• I’ve had a low B12 count on a recent blood test but I’m now taking supplements for that. 

Woohoo! Don’t I sound like an absolute beauty?! 😄

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing your responses!

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Hello and welcome to the forums. Celiac/NCGS  has a long list of symptoms incliding some of the ones you listed. I wish you luck on you diagnosis path and healing journey once properly diagnosed. A celiac test in my opinion is good to have, glad your GP thought you should be tested. Many of us also besides the blood draw had endoscopy as well. Sometimes Celiac/NCGS testing  can be a blood draw or a few months of testing from a team of Dr's and  many tests. 

Should you find you are Celiac/NCGS our newest members sometimes find  our 101 threads helpful in the beginning stages.

Lastly, from your list I dealt with loose stools/constipation, nerve issues, skin issues, numb toes and arms, brain fog, and would bloat to the point of people congratulating me on my pregnancy. I would also add hormone and vitamin D deficiency for me. Often times as we read the forum content we realize we have been dealing with this our whole lives and have had symptoms throughout life.

We tell you start with whole foods. It can be overwhelming and there is a fear of what am I going to eat. Most Drs start you with some written resource on the diet or can refer you to a nutritionist. If your diagnosis is confirmed you will find that this website is an excellent place to visit.

Best wishes.

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Thank you for your reply!

I’d like to say it was my GP who advised me to get tested but unfortunately nothing happens here unless you push for it yourself.

I forgot to add I have previously been diagnosed with a Vit D deficiency and I also have PCOS. 

Today I have been feeling so lightheaded and spaced out with a crippling headache and an an awfully upset stomach.

This testing cannot come soon enough!

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Just make sure you keep consuming gluten.  Do not go gluten free.  All celiac disease requires you to be on a full gluten diet.  Sad, but true.  

I also suffer from chronic autoimmune hives.  All these allergies and autoimmune fall under the umbrella of hypersensitivity (4 types).  Google it.  Calm down your immune system (by treating your possible autoimmune) and you might get relief. 

I assume because you spelled celiac differently, you might be in The UK.  Vitamin D deficiency is common for anyone who resides in a cold climate as most vitamin D is made via the sun/skin.  It is worse the darker your skin and the colder the climate.  Get some moderate  sun!  

Non-functioning Gall bladder Removal Surgery 2005

Diagnosed via Blood Test and Endoscopy: March 2013

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis -- Stable 2014

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Fractures (vertebrae): June 2013

Osteopenia/osteoporosis -- June 2013

Allergies and Food Intolerances

Diabetes -- January 2014

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